What a Man Wants, What a Woman Needs: The Secret to Successful, Fulfilling Relationships

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In the depths of Christian literature, there is an eBook crafted for those embarking on the journey to foster and maintain godly relationships. This book is far more than a simple guide to Christian dating; it is a comprehensive manual to navigate the perilous waters of modern relationships, with a strong underpinning of faith. Bishop Eddie L. Long, with his profound insight into spiritual warfare and interpersonal dynamics, presents a biblical blueprint that offers enlightenment and practical advice to individuals seeking to follow godly principles in their romantic lives.

This book delves into the challenges men and women face in the dating world, especially when trying to align their relationships with their faith. It’s an indispensable toolkit for those wanting to decipher what ‘godly living’ conveys and what ‘godly communication’ really entails. Bishop Long brings these concepts to life, allowing the reader to internalize key principles that foster fulfilling and spiritually-rich relationships.

Through the chapters of this book, Bishop Long embarks on a mission to identify the relationship elements that often go missing and to highlight the attacks from the Enemy that seek to undermine Christian love and unity. The narrative is interwoven with threads of divine wisdom, aiming to fortify the reader against the temptations and pitfalls that lay outside the warm embrace of God’s design for partnership.

From discussing the intrinsic desires of men to exploring the foundational beliefs that shape our interactions, the book commences a dialogue that resonates deeply with the heart and the spirit. For men, understanding their god-given roles is paramount, and Bishop Long lays out this understanding with clarity and conviction. For women, embracing the power they possess and the life they can give through their wisdom is equally stressed.

The chapter entitled “Dating the Devil” serves as a stark warning of the spiritual jeopardy involved in straying from the path of righteousness in relationships. It’s a courageous examination of the dangers that lurk in the shadows, waiting to ensnare the unwary. The reader is thus armed with the discernment needed to recognize and resist such pernicious influences.

Bishop Long doesn’t shy away from addressing sensitive and oft-concealed issues, such as the masks men wear to hide their vulnerabilities or the unique strength that women embody by being divinely-appointed ‘life givers.’ He underscores the value of women as ‘walking Epistles,’ carrying the message and strength of the gospel within the context of their relationships.

For those seeking the wisdom of a seasoned spiritual guide in the realm of relationships, this book serves as a bridge over tumultuous waters. It carries the gravitas and the grace of Bishop Long’s years of pastoral experience, his authenticity as an author, and his compassion as a shepherd of souls.

Furthermore, the book confronts the complexity of sexual purity, highlighting the spiritual implications of intimacy and the sanctity of marriage vows. The conversation about sex is brought out of the shadows and into the light of truth, with respect for the sanctity of the marriage bed.

Beyond relationship guidance, the book involves a call to action, urging readers to embark on a ‘Date with Destiny.’ It’s about stepping into one’s purpose with passion and certainty, acknowledging that a divine plan underwrites our deepest desires and dreams, including those of romantic love.

In “Passion for Life,” the final chapters culminate in a resounding affirmation of love’s power and purpose. Bishop Long celebrates the convergence of human and divine love, showcasing how relationships that mirror the Kingdom of God are attainable and worth pursuing.

The last piece of this spiritual mosaic is a portrayal of ‘Kingdom Men, Kingdom Women.’ This represents the climax of an ideology where truly godly relationships are centered around mutual respect, shared values, and an unshakeable commitment to God’s ordinance. It is here that Bishop Long enchants us with a vision of what seems to be heaven on earth – relationships that fulfill and surpass every earthly expectation.

To encapsulate, the targeted skillset of this book is to enhance Relationship Skills. It is an excellent resource for Beginners who are new to the concept of aligning their relationships with their faith. The format is easily accessible as an eBook, closely reflecting the convenience of our digital age. The expert knowledge of Bishop Eddie Long shines through every word and advice rendered, with the material having been released on April 02, 2002. Whether you’re single, dating, or married, this eBook lays a foundation for godly relationships that stand the test of time and trial.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:


– Chapter 1: What a Man Wants
– Chapter 2: What Do You Believe?
– Chapter 3: What a WOman Needs
– Chapter 4: The Missing Element of the Kingdom
– Chapter 5: Men, We’re Hiding
– Chapter 6: Women: Life Givers and Walking Epistles
– Chapter 7: Dating the Devil
– Chapter 8: How Many People Are in Your Bed?
– Chapter 9: To Know
– Chapter 10: Pulled Aside for a Date with Destiny
– Chapter 11: Passion for Life
– Chapter 12: Kingdom Men, Kingdom Women