How Sex Works: Why We Look, Smell, Taste, Feel, and Act the Way We Do

Product Information

“How Sex Works” is more than just an exploration of human sexuality; it’s a deep dive into the intricate tapestry of culture, biology, and history that shapes our sexual behaviors and desires. Written with clarity and supported by scientific rigor, this book is poised to upend the commonplace notions that pervade our understanding of sex, love, and attraction. Devouring its pages, one will encounter thought-provoking insights that resonate not just with those steeped in the scientific community but with anyone who’s ever pondered over the mysteries of attraction and romantic connection.

This book tackles the controversial and often misunderstood subject matter with finesse, starting with addressing the influence of birth control on women’s attraction to certain types of men. The narrative is not just filled with shocking revelations but provides a researched backdrop that explains why women’s preferences may shift in response to hormonal changes. This strikes at the core of female psychology, making it an eye-opener for those seeking to deepen their understanding within the pickup artist community.

Another captivating area this book covers is the biological reasoning behind the hourglass figure’s association with higher fertility levels. It unfolds the evolutionary perspective, providing readers, particularly PUAs, with a nuanced understanding of physical attractiveness’s role in natural selection and dating dynamics.

Furthermore, “How Sex Works” confronts the topic of infidelity, dissecting the likelihood of women to cheat. It traverses the taboo landscape with ease, presenting information critical for any individual intrigued by the complexities of partnerships and the elements that influence fidelity. This is particularly beneficial for readers interested in understanding the dating psychology and developing skills to maintain long-term relationships.

The book unfolds its wisdom across various chapters, beginning with “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” which sets the tone for an engaging discourse on female sexuality. It dispels the myths surrounding women’s sexual expressions and desires, offering crucial dating advice and tips to those who may be seeking to comprehend the intricate dance of courtship and pleasure.

“Boys to Men”

transitions the focus toward the developmental journey of male sexuality, presenting a mirror to the societal constructs that frame masculinity. This is essential reading for anybody interested in the self-improvement aspects of the PUA community, as it provides insights into male behavioral patterns and attractiveness.

“I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It”

and subsequent chapters delve into the biological and psychological triggers that ignite sexual excitement. The science-backed discussions within these chapters enable readers to peek into the engine room of arousal, offering dating tips borne from an understanding of physiological responses.

As the title “Let’s Talk About Sex” suggests, this chapter encourages open dialogue about sex, a topic often shrouded in secrecy and shame. By equipping readers with facts and perspectives, the author empowers them to navigate conversations that can foster deeper connections in their romantic pursuits.

“Come as You Are”


“Let It Be”

echo the themes of self-acceptance and natural variation in the sexual experience. Such chapters are gold mines for those in the PUA community looking for an edge in authenticity – a trait highly admired in the dating world.

The intriguing title “Tainted Love” draws readers into the darker aspects of sex and relationships, confronting the reality of emotional and physical harm. This serves as a somber yet essential advisory on boundaries and respect, topics that are integral to developing ethical dating advice.

“Jagged Little Pill”


“Good Vibrations”

continue the balanced delivery of sex education, discussing the impact of pharmaceuticals on sex and the role of pleasure tools in modern sexuality. For PUAs and individuals interested in the nuances of sexual health and experimentation, these chapters offer a plethora of fascinating knowledge.

The learning experience presented in “How Sex Works” is designed to resonate with beginners, those just dipping their toes into the complex world of human sexuality and female psychology. It’s a book that, despite approaching potentially controversial topics, does so with academic gentleness making it accessible and informative without being overwhelming.

Skill Set: Teaches the foundational principles of female psychology.

Experience Level: Beginner. It is designed to be approachable for those who are new to the subject matter.

Learning Format: This knowledge is encapsulated in the book format, making it a comprehensive and handy guide.

The architect of this enlightening work is none other than Sharon Moalem, whose expertise breathes life into these pages. “How Sex Works” was released to the public on April 27, 2010, marking its entry as a valuable resource in the field of sexual education and the pickup artist’s library.


Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

– Introduction
– Chapter 1: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
– Chapter 2: Boys to Men
– Chapter 3: I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It
– Chapter 4: Let’s Talk About Sex
– Chapter 5: Come as You Are
– Chapter 6: Let It Be
– Chapter 7: Tainted Love
– Chapter 8: Jagged Little Pill
– Chapter 9: Good Vibrations