What Women Really Want From Men: 20 Women Tell The Truth

The product ‘What Women Really Want From Men: 20 Women Tell The Truth’ is a compelling and enlightening eBook that delves into the intricate world of female psychology. This book, authored by DJ Westerfield, is a treasure trove of insights directly from the source – the women themselves. It’s a remarkable effort to demystify the question that many men in the pickup artist community and beyond are trying to answer: What do women really want from their romantic partners?

DJ Westerfield, known within the community for his frank and straightforward advice, has left no stone unturned in his quest to answer this age-old question. Comprising real testimonials from 20 different women, ‘What Women Really Want From Men’ opens up dialogues that are crucial for any PUA or individual seeking to improve their understanding of the opposite sex. The conversations transcribed in this eBook reveal women’s deepest wants and needs from their partners, listening carefully to their truths and what they cherish in relationships.

The testimonials are presented in a conversational style, breaking down complex emotions and desires into understandable insights. It’s an unfiltered look into women’s hearts and minds, offering precious knowledge for men aiming to better themselves in romance and personal interactions with women. Whether it’s the often overlooked importance of friendship in a relationship, the need for a man to pay attention and actively listen, or the genuine appreciation of being cherished, each topic is handled with care.

Moving to the second chapter,

DJ Westerfield tackles the sensitive subject of fidelity. His approach brilliantly clarifies that being faithful is not just about refraining from physical intimacy with others but is indeed an emotional commitment to one’s partner. This deep dive into the concept of faithfulness is crucial information for men who are seeking to build lasting relationships based on trust and respect.

Another profound topic covered by this eBook is the desire for women to have their men as their best friends. This desire reflects the contemporary understanding that for relationships to last there has to be a foundation that goes beyond attraction and into the realms of deep, meaningful connection. This particular aspect is often overlooked by many in the dating scene, yet it is a cornerstone of what makes a relationship robust and satisfying.

The inclusive nature of this book ensures that men from all walks of life and every experience level, especially beginners, can benefit from these insights into female psychology. The reader is guided through understanding the essential qualities that women are looking for in their ideal partner. From someone who listens attentively to a man who can be vulnerable and open, each characteristic is explored with practical examples and real-life stories.

Let’s not forget the chapter titled “I want a man who listens.”

In the realm of dating tips and dating advice, this concept is crucial, but it’s often undervalized. DJ Westerfield brings to light the importance of active listening – not just hearing but understanding and responding to a partner’s needs and concerns. This section of the book offers actionable advice for men to enhance their communication skills, thus fostering stronger bonds with women.

Westerfield’s engaging writing style makes the eBook an enjoyable read as well as an instructive one. He manages to infuse a sense of camaraderie with his readership, giving the impression of a wise friend passing on valuable secrets. The personal anecdotes and genuine confessions from the 20 women featured create a compelling narrative that holds the reader’s attention from start to finish.

Furthermore, for the individual searching for betterment in their personal relationships, ‘What Women Really Want From Men’ serves as a roadmap to women’s satisfaction and happiness. It’s a guide that encourages empathy, compassion, and sincerity, which are often sidelined in the typical PUA literature that focuses on techniques and superficial strategies. In this book, genuine connection takes precedence, which is refreshing and necessary in today’s dating landscape.

The material presented in this eBook is essential for anyone seeking a grounded and honest approach to women and dating. It’s particularly targeted at those who might identify as novices in the dating scene due to its uncomplicated language and direct advice. The learning format being an eBook allows for a personalized pace of learning, making it a convenient resource for self-education.

In summary, ‘What Women Really Want From Men: 20 Women Tell The Truth’ is a comprehensive guide that is both revealing and educational. The book provides the following:

Skill Set: Female psychology
Experience Level: Beginner
Learning Format: eBook
Coach or Expert: DJ Westerfield
Release Date: June 20, 2011

DJ Westerfield’s expertise shines through this program, making it an invaluable resource for those embarking on the journey of understanding women and forming meaningful relationships.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

I. What do you really want from a man?
II. Being faithful isn’t choosing not to have with someone else
III. I want a man to be my best friend
IV. I want a man who listens
V. I want to be cherished