The Speed Seduction Secret Training Collection

Ross Jeffries, a pioneer and an undisputed expert within the pickup artist community, has crafted a comprehensive set of tools aimed at men who aspire to improve their dating life, exude confidence, and understand the complexities of female attraction. The product encompasses a treasure trove of Ross Jeffries’ seminars and phone coaching recordings which are not just guides but masterclasses in the art of attracting, approaching, and dating women. With this program, users delve into the psychological foundations and practical techniques that can transform their interactions with women.

The seminars and coaching sessions go beyond simple conversation tips; they are a deep dive into the realm of ‘Speed Seduction®’, a revolutionary approach that synthesizes psychological principles with the art of attraction. This program strips away the guesswork from dating and provides users with concrete strategies to not just attract women but to create genuine connections and lasting attraction. Beginners in the world of PUAs (Pick-Up Artists) will find this content particularly enlightening, as it builds a solid foundation from the ground up.

Moreover, this product showcases practical ways to build confidence which is often cited as one of the most attractive traits by women themselves. Here, the focus is on ‘inner game’, a term widely recognized in the PUA community, referring to the cultivation of self-assurance and a positive mindset. This is essential for overcoming approach anxiety, a common stumbling block for many men. The program offers a plethora of openers that can be used in various situations, helping men to initiate contact without seeming contrived.

The ‘Unstoppable Confidence Course DVD’ is a powerful companion that addresses the psychological barriers men face. Confidence is a skill, and like all skills, it can be learned and honed. This course guides learners to carry themselves with the sort of gravitas and self-belief that radiates attractiveness.

For those wishing to automate their success, the ‘Meet Women Autopilot System’ DVD is included to streamline the process of meeting women, fine-tuning the user’s ability to engage and captivate on instinct. Especially in the digital era, the convenience of such systems can be particularly appealing to men looking for a more structured approach to dating.

There’s also the concern of flakiness, a frustration many men encounter. The ‘Why Women Flake On The Phone, And How To Powerfully Handle Them eBook’ tackles this issue directly, offering clear, actionable strategies to ensure flakiness doesn’t jeopardize progress.

Another reality confronting many men is the dreaded ‘friend zone’. The ‘From Buddy To Bedmate’ DVD gives hope and practical advice for men looking to shift a platonic relationship into a romantic one, which is a particularly nuanced domain of the dating world.

Voicemail has been the downfall of many potential dates, but with ‘Vanquish Her Voicemail!’ eBook, men learn to circumvent this pitfall and keep the momentum going by crafting messages that prompt a quick response rather than silence.

The package doesn’t stop at theory—the seminar videos and PDF transcripts offer a multimedia learning experience that caters to different learning styles. The recorded phone coaching sessions provide real-life examples of Ross Jeffries’ techniques in action, giving invaluable context to the lessons and ensuring the material is understood and applied correctly.

Once understood, the program delves into more advanced areas such as approaching groups of women, dealing with the dynamics of dating younger women or more mature ladies, and eradicating the detrimental mindset of ‘oneitis’—an obsession with a single person that can cripple a man’s dating life.

Seminar attendees can see how to use gestures and commands effectively, a potent aspect of non-verbal communication that can significantly amplify attraction when done correctly. A deep analysis of actual patterns used within the Speed Seduction® techniques allows for a greater appreciation of the subtleties involved in high-level pick-up artistry.

For the creative and ambitious, the program extends an invitation to create personal patterns, fostering a unique style that resonates with an individual’s personality. Watching actual demonstrations of Speed Seduction® solidifies the practical application of each principle, completing the comprehensive nature of this product.

In summary, this product is an all-encompassing suite designed to address every aspect of the dating process, tailored for individuals at the beginner level but with material rich enough for even seasoned PUAs to find value. The learning format is primarily online access, allowing learners to study at their pace and convenience. Created by Ross Jeffries, a celebrated expert in the field, the product under the purview of Speed Seduction was launched on January 1, 2011, marking its continued relevance in the market for over a decade.

What buyers receive is more than just a collection of advice—it’s an entire curriculum with seminar video downloads, seminar PDF transcripts, and audio downloads of phone coaching sessions, offering a full spectrum of dating mastery from one of the legends in the field.


Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Attaining Attraction Mastery
Openers For Meeting Women
Approach Anxiety
– Using ‘Inner Game’
– Approaching Groups Of Women
– Kissing And Getting Physical With Women
Younger Men / Older Women
– Getting Rid of ‘Oneitis
– Using Gestures And Commands
– Actual Patterns And Analysis
Creating Your Own Patterns
– Actual Demonstrations of Speed Seduction


What You Get:

Seminar Video Download
Seminar PDF transcripts
Phone Coaching Sessions Audio Download