The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions

Product Information

Embarking upon the journey of sexual enlightenment and mastery, “The Carousel of Eros” is a treasure trove for couples seeking to infuse their intimate connections with an adventurous spirit. Siobhan Kelly, with her profound understanding of human sexuality and creativity, presents a fully illustrated guide that ventures beyond the conventional norms, offering a dynamic palette of unconventional sexual positions designed to elevate the experience of pleasure and deepen the bond between partners.

The narrative of “The Carousel of Eros” is divided into chapters, each elucidating a distinct position, replete with detailed illustrations and insightful tips. The instructions are not merely technical but delve into the psychological synergy of the participants, ensuring that the experience accentuates both the physical and the emotional realms. In this exploration, the emphasis is as much on the journey as the destination, with the book serving as a catalyst for couples to discover uncharted territories of their passion.

The Spinning Jenny

Among the showcased positions, the Spinning Jenny becomes a metaphor for the dynamic nature of human desire. It is a position that not only challenges physical dexterity but also encourages couples to revolve around each other’s needs and pleasures, creating a cyclical flow of intimacy that is as vertiginous as it is gratifying.

The Doorway to Heaven

As for the Doorway to Heaven, it is a poetic expression of the elevating power of lovemaking. This position, characterized by its immortalizing emotional depth, has the potential to transport couples to a state of blissful transcendence, rendering the lovers’ connection ethereal and attuned to the higher vibrations of love.

The Tunnel of Love

Then there is the Tunnel of Love, a position that embodies the journey of a union. It is an enveloping embrace that speaks of shelter, warmth, and the serenity that comes from shared solace. It is for those moments when the world fades away, and the couple emerges into their cocoon of affection.

The Rosy-Cheek

The Rosy-Cheek is a position that beckons a playful yet passionate discourse. It evokes the flush of first love, the thrill of discovery, and the charm of playful seduction. It is a reminder that love, in its many facets, is evergreen, rejuvenating itself in the lovers’ laughter and teasing dalliances.

The Double Decker

With the Double Decker, partnered exploration reaches new heights—literally. Built upon trust and the scaffolding of mutual support, this position promotes a collaborative approach to pleasure, urging couples to build and scale their tower of joy, brick by brick, touch by touch.

The Stocking Filler

Furthermore, The Stocking Filler is a cheeky addition to the festive repertoire of positions. This playful interlude provides a mischievous twist to the sensual celebrations, wrapped in the guise of a gift that both partners get to unwrap in the warmth of their continued exploration.

The Bad Cop

The Bad Cop position, meanwhile, taps into the fantasy realm where authority and surrender intermingle, challenging the traditional dynamics and opening a dialogue of control and release, where the depth of trust becomes the foundation of the thrilling play.

Beyond these vividly named and expertly detailed positions, “The Carousel of Eros” extends its scope to encompass a rich variety of other sex positions not detailed in the initial product information. These additional positions build on the theme of novelty and deep connection, ensured to resonate and potentially revolutionize the reader’s sexual lexicon.

“The Carousel of Eros” doesn’t just educate; it titillates the imagination, stokes the embers of passion, and offers a compendium of carnal knowledge that is as instructive as it is inspirational. Siobhan Kelly has curated an experience that whispers to our innermost desires and speaks boldly to the art of shared pleasure.

Despite its veil of novelty, the guide remains accessible to beginners, welcoming those at the outset of their sensual journey with open arms. The learning curve is steeped in enjoyment and revelation, making each discovery an accessible landmark in the landscape of love.

As this compendium unfolds, it becomes clear that the art of lovemaking is as infinitely varied as the stars in the sky. Each couple’s path is a unique constellation, a story scrawled in the language of bodies and hearts entwined, with “The Carousel of Eros” providing the map to explore this galaxy of pleasure.

In its elegant pages, the book transcends its role as an instructional guide and becomes a manifesto of sexual empowerment and experimentation. Siobhan Kelly has not just authored a book; she has catalyzed a revolution in the bedroom—a quiet uprising that champions the cause of adventurous and fulfilling sexual expression.

Beyond the realm of the physical, “The Carousel of Eros” is a ballet of the soul, where each movement, guided by the detailed illustrations and heartfelt advice, becomes a step closer to the symphony of deep connection. It is an intimates’ dance, choreographed by desire and orchestrated by reciprocal delight.

“The Carousel of Eros” equips readers with an arsenal of skillsets emphasizing Masculine Sexuality & Sexual Skills. Tailored for the beginner, it is a journey from the foundational to the more advanced techniques of love-making. The book format makes it a perfect bedtime reading material to be perused at leisure, offering a sensual path to mastery that couples can walk hand in hand. Siobhan Kelly, the herald of this sensual odyssey, has created a program imbued with insight, compassion, and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of love. The book, launched on the 13th of October, 2009, holds within its pages the potential to not just illuminate the boudoir, but to ignite a beacon for those yearning for a more profound union with their partner.


Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Spinning Jenny
Doorway to Heaven
Tunnel of Love
The Rosy-Cheek
Double Decker
The Stocking Filler
Bad Cop
Other Sex Positions