The Attraction Attitude

Product Information

“Get the Attitude – Get the Woman” is an insightful audio book that serves as an essential guide for men looking to revamp their dating life. This power-packed audio guide unfurls the secrets to redefining one’s mindset about women, dating, and relationships, emphasizing that the right attitude is a fundamental element in attracting the fairer sex. Through 30 meticulously laid out ‘attitude moves’ and techniques, J.D Dallas propels listeners onto a transformative journey to cultivate the magnetic and confident persona that resonates with women.

Designed specifically for men who find themselves stumbling when approaching women or managing female relationships, this audio book becomes a beacon of enlightenment. It doesn’t simply provide a band-aid for dating issues but digs deep to address the core of common dating and relationship hurdles. With a focus on altering deep-seated beliefs and perspectives, listeners are equipped with a robust framework for conducting themselves with a newfound sense of self-assuredness and allure.

For those seeking immediate change, “Get the Attitude – Get the Woman” offers practical steps that can be implemented without delay. It’s not just about theory; it’s a springboard for action. The audio book is replete with concrete examples and scenarios that enable men to visualize and hence actualize the attitude necessary for captivating women. Whether it’s learning how to use a woman’s emotions to your advantage, demonstrating your inherent value, or managing texting and calling with poise, this audio book covers it all.

One of the pivotal themes of this rich content is the dissection of what constitutes ‘being a Man with Attitude’. It’s a holistic approach that reshapes not just your interactions with women but your entire lifestyle, guiding you on how to project strength, reliability, and charisma. The program advises against the pitfalls of the ‘Nice Guy’ syndrome, articulating why this approach often leads to unfulfilling relationships and how to circumvent this common trap.

The art of communication – from handling a phone message with finesse to the nuances of texting, is also astutely covered. Amidst modern dating complexities, the audio book provides a refined strategy for communicating that captivates and maintains a woman’s interest. Moreover, it delineates the ‘Wrong Attitude’ that many men harbor, spelling out why such a disposition will likely lead to disappointment and how to realign one’s outlook for success.

“Get the Attitude – Get the Woman” doesn’t shy away from the financial aspects of dating, crusading against the notion of being a woman’s ‘checkbook’. It encourages men to establish boundaries and equality in romantic contexts, ensuring that relationships are built on respect and mutual admiration. Also, by exploring ‘Romantic Obstacles’, listeners garner insights into navigating the relationship landscape with finesse and resilience.

What truly makes this audio book a standout resource is its emphasis on ‘Acting As If’, a paradigm-shifting concept where men learn to embody the confidence and attributes of the man they aspire to be, paving the way for internalizing these traits authentically.

As an instantly accessible MP3 audio download, providing three hours of potent content, “Get the Attitude – Get the Woman” fits conveniently into the lives of busy individuals. It caters well to the modern man who is eager to embrace self-improvement on-the-go, offering a compilation of advice and strategies that can be revisited as one’s journey of personal evolution unfolds.


Skill Set: Attracting Women and Inner Game & Confidence
Experience Level: Beginner
Learning Format: Download (Audio)
Coach or Expert who created the program: J.D Dallas
Release Date of the product: February 12, 2009
Company: Modern Male Lifestyle


Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

  • Using a woman’s emotions
  • Demonstrating your value
  • Handling a phone message
  • Key elements to being a Man with Attitude
  • Moves and Techniques to demonstrate the Attitude
  • Wrong Attitude
  • Basics of Acting As If
  • Texting and calling
  • ‘Nice Guy’
  • Don’t be a woman’s checkbook
  • ‘Romantic Obstacles’
  • Change the Way you think about women and dating

What You Get:

MP3 audio download (3 hours)