Tao of Stevie

.Product Information

The “Tao of Stevie” is a comprehensive program designed for men who seek to enhance their skill in attracting and connecting with women. The crux of the guide revolves around establishing a solid ‘inner game’ – an essential factor for any aspiring pickup artist (PUA). This product not only delves into the psyche but also equips you with nuanced influence techniques that promise to elevate your dating game to unprecedented levels.

Commencing with Part 1, “My Philosophy,” readers are introduced to the foundational mindset necessary for successful interactions. It covers the importance of having the ‘correct frame,’ which serves as the mental scaffolding for your interactions. It touches upon the dynamics of approaching, maintaining an attractive and playful nature, and explains how embodying certain traits can make you irresistible to women. This chapter is crucial for setting the tone for the rest of the material.

.The ebook then progresses seamlessly into “Pick Up Techniques” found in Part 2, where the art of ‘going in‘ or initiating contact with women is explored. Stevie offers innovative strategies such as ‘phase shifting‘ and ‘statements not questions,’ which are meant to intrigue and captivate potential interests. Moreover, such strategies aim to subtly showcase your value through proven concepts like ‘social proof‘ and ‘active participation.’ These lessons are about taking control of the interaction and steering it towards your desired outcome.

Part 3, “Stevie’s Training,” takes a surprising but very necessary detour into personal care. It stresses the significance of diet and exercise, not only for aesthetics but for the confidence and vitality they afford you in social settings. Additionally, this section focuses on ‘language game‘ and how to communicate effectively and persuasively in any given situation. These insights lay the groundwork for becoming more than just a competent conversationalist but a truly compelling one.

In the subsequent chapters, Stevie dives into the specifics of opening conversations with ‘Neutral Entertaining Openers‘ and building ‘Themes‘ that act as bridges to deeper connections. These sections dissect methods of approach, illustrating how to tailor them to different scenarios and personalities. These chapters empower readers with adaptable frameworks that can be applied whether you’re at a coffee shop or a high-energy nightclub.

As we move past the initial connection phases, Part 6 boldly addresses ‘F*ck Closing.’ Here, Stevie discusses the mental state necessary for succeeding in more intimate encounters and strategies for follow-up meetings. This chapter stands out for its frank discussion on the progression of intimacy and the psychological components that influence such advancements.

.The “Approach Mentality” laid out in Part 7 emphasizes the development of a mindset conducive to natural and congruent approaches. It tackles the root of what makes a PUA truly effective – the ability to be talkative, engaging, and above all, authentic. Exploring the ‘holistic approach‘ to pickup, Stevie intertwines practical skills with philosophical insights, emphasizing the importance of role models and congruency in one’s approach.

Delving into the subtleties of seduction, Part 8, “Seduction In Detail,” offers a granular look at the process, from initial contact, through various dating scenarios, all the way to physical intimacy. It’s a blueprint for escalating correctly while being mindful of the comfort and engagement levels of your partner.

.Part 9 draws from the field of psychology, specifically from the work of Dr. Robert Cialdini, to explain the ‘Weapons of Influence.’ Each chapter of this section breaks down a principle like ‘reciprocation‘ or ‘commitment and consistency‘ and how they can be ethically applied in the realm of dating.

Finally, Part 10, “Recent Learnings,” compiles Stevie’s latest insights on the evolution of pickup. He shares recent methods and strategies, including the use of humor, rapport building, and state management. This portion ensures that readers are up-to-date with modern PUA methodologies, making the information both contemporary and relevant.

.On a conclusive note, the “Tao of Stevie” is specifically designed for those who consider themselves beginners in the art of pickup, but even intermediates may find golden nuggets of wisdom within its pages. The learning format spans across an eBook and audio downloads, allowing for flexible engagement with the material. Developed by Stevie PUA, a coach known for his practical advice and impact on the dating community, the guide was released on October 27, 2007, and remains relevant to PUAs seeking to bolster their abilities in meeting and attracting women.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:


– Part 1 – My Philosophy
  – Correct Frame
  – A Good Frame For Approaching
  – The Thrill Of The Chase
  – Being A Playboy
  – What To Integrate / Model


– Part 2 – Pick Up Techniques
  – Going In
  – Phase Shifting
  – Statements Not Questions
  – FMAC
  – Social Proof
  – Active Participation
  – Getting Advice On Other Chicks
  – Registering A Girl


– Part 3 – Stevie’s Training
  – Diet And Exercise
  – Language Game For On The Fly Fluency
  – Recording
  – Training Observations


– Part 4 – Neutral Entertaining Openers
  – Tailor Your Approach
  – Using NEOs
  – What They Are/Aren’t
  – Benefits Of NEOs
  – Conveying Personality In NEOs
  – Examples
  – Analysis
  – Fill the Vacuum
  – A Glimpse of Your Adventurous Life
  – Putting Her At Her Ease


– Part 5 – Themes
  – Themes As Bridges
  – Stages 1 – 3
  – Useful Themes
  – Training And Round Up


– Part 6 – F,,k Closing
  – Winning State Of Mind
  – Follow-Up Meetings
  – Characteristics Of A Good Tonguedown Bar
  – Building Intimacy
  – The Body Will Follow
  – One Night Stand F,,king
  – Instant Dates
  – Debriefing Chicks
  – ONS Versus Follow-Up Mentality


– Part 7 – Approach Mentality
  – Approaching Mindset
  – Getting Talkative
  – Holistic Approach To PU
  – Example
  – Sharpened Skills
  – Congruency
  – Natural Approach Areas
  – Role Models


– Part 8 – Seduction In Detail
  – Theatre Meeting
  – Phone Contact
  – Meeting Up
  – Salsa Bar
  – Riverside
  – Tonguedown Bar
  – Kiss Closing
  – Kissing Technique
  – Conclusion


– Part 9 – Weapons Of Influence
  – Cialdini Chapter 1 – Weapons Of Influence
  – Cialdini Chapter 2 – Reciprocation
  – Cialdini Chapter 3 – Commitment And Consistency
  – Cialdini Chapter 4 – Social Proof
  – Cialdini Chapter 5 – Liking
  – Cialdini Chapter 6 – Authority
  – Cialdini Chapter 7 – Scarcity
  – Cialdini Chapter 8 – Instant Influence


– Part 10 – Recent Learnings
  – Current Modus Operandi
  – Attraction First
  – Distinct Attraction Phase
  – Beware, Sticking Point
  – Example Attraction Routines
  – Halo-Girl Routine
  – Analysis of Examples
  – Personalised Busting
  – Deep and Light Rapport
  – Cocky Verbal Shut Down CVSD
  – Dominant Reality
  – Facial Gestures
  – Evolutionary Aspects
  – Not Hiding Agenda
  – Using A Camera
  – Fake Gay
  – Mind-reading
  – Long-Term State Management