Speed Seduction Power Pack

Product Information

Ross Jeffries, one of the pioneering figures in the pickup artist (PUA) community, has created a comprehensive program in the form of three DVD sets aimed at individuals seeking to enhance their seduction and interaction skills with women. The collection, including ‘Fear Into Charisma’, ‘Gold Walk-Up’, and ‘Secrets of Irresistible Arousal’ DVDs, is a testament to the depth of understanding that Jeffries has developed over years as a coach and expert in the field. This series is an essential foundation for anyone on the path to mastering the art of attraction, especially designed for individuals who are just beginning to explore the dating realm.

The ‘Fear Into Charisma DVD’ is a transformative resource that delves into the psychology of fear and provides actionable steps to turn it into a compelling force. It addresses one of the most common obstacles faced by many men in the dating scene – the paralyzing fear of approaching women. With a focus on re-channeling fear into dynamic sources of power, this DVD empowers users to destroy the mental blocks and barriers that stand in their way. Its content is rich with techniques that aid in being acutely aware of one’s emotional flows and using that awareness to cultivate a magnetic presence that women find impossible to ignore.

Moving on to the ‘Gold Walk-Up DVD’, the product shifts its focus to the art of the approach. Jeffries breaks down the intricacies of initiating contact with women by teaching how to exude four distinctive approach vibes. This insider knowledge is crucial for creating first impressions that pique interest and establish an immediate connection. The DVD goes beyond generic advice by revealing strategies to overcome compliment resistance and introducing the ‘step back principle’, a nuanced approach that enhances intrigue and attraction.

Dotted with six core beliefs and structured assignments, the ‘Gold Walk-Up DVD’ serves as a practical guide for constant improvement. The PUA-revered strategic uses of pacing and pauses are also covered, equipping learners with the ability to steer interactions in the desired direction. Moreover, the hands-on drills are specifically designed to build up walk-up skills, turning theoretical knowledge into automatic, confident action.

Not neglecting the paramount aspect of physical interaction, the ‘Secrets of Irresistible Arousal DVD’ delves into the world of erotic touch and sexual communication. It uncovers the power of language when coupled with touch and highlights three key spots for producing an erotic effect. The DVD candidly addresses the common mistakes men make while attempting to integrate touch into conversations and offers a blueprint for doing it correctly, escalating attraction to unprecedented levels.

Ross Jeffries ensures that men don’t stumble through awkward interactions but instead, guides them with word-for-word scripts that channel initial feelings into potent erotic energy flows. Each script is designed to not only generate sexual imagery but also to evoke deep-seated lust and desire. This DVD demystifies the complex dance of verbal and non-verbal cues that lead to irresistible arousal and gives users the confidence to express their sexual intent effectively.

In summary, this 3-DVD set is a robust collection, systematically addressing fears, perfecting approaches, and mastering sexual communication. Aimed at beginners, the series is richly infused with experiential insights and structured to result in a sharp learning curve. It’s a physical DVD learning format, best-suited for visual learners who benefit from watching demonstrations and following along.

The skill sets covered include meeting and attracting women, with techniques and tips on how to approach, communicate, and connect both verbally and sexually. The experience level targeted is primarily for beginners; however, intermediate learners might find value in revisiting the foundations with a fresh perspective. The learning format for this product comprises video content within DVDs, offering a tangible and convenient way to learn and revisit the material. Developed by Ross Jeffries, a name synonymous with the early development of the pickup artist movement, this product stands on the expertise of a true veteran in dating advice. Released by Speed Seduction on January 01, 2008, this program has been equipping men with the skills to confidently engage with women for over a decade.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Fear Into Charisma DVD
– How to re-channel your fear into sources of power
– How to destroy the blocks and barriers
How to be aware of your feeling flows

Gold Walk-Up DVD

– How to use the 4 different approach vibes
– How to get past all compliment resistance
– The step back principle
– The 6 Gold Walk-up beliefs
– The strategic use of pacing and pauses
– Structured assignments and drills to build your walk-up skills

Secrets of Irresistible Arousal DVD

– How to use your language with erotic touch
Three erotic touch spots
– The error most guys make when trying to use erotic touch
Word for word language to direct initial feelings into direct erotic energy flows
– Word for word language to generate sexual imagery
– Word for word language to generate hypnotic lust and desire

What You Get:
3 DVD sets