Sexual Behavior in the Human Male

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“Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” is a groundbreaking piece of scientific literature that has been shaping our understanding of masculine sexuality for decades. Published by Alfred C. Kinsey, known for the Kinsey Scale and his extensive research into human sexual behavior, this volume presents a comprehensive exploration into the sexual lives of males, as seen through rigorous scientific lenses. The detailed anthology of male sexuality encapsulates a variety of behaviors and experiences, making it a cornerstone for those fascinated by the intricate mechanisms of sexual outlets and practices.

The work began as an ambitious project, setting the stage for scientific inquiry into a subject that was widely considered taboo at the time. Kinsey’s pioneering methodology in this volume is laid bare, providing an insightful look into the mechanics of scientific research concerning human sexuality. The book meticulously discusses various techniques such as sampling, coding, and interviewing over a 15-year period that involved roughly 5,300 males. These methods laid the groundwork for future studies and still hold significant value in today’s research circles.

Delving into the statistical challenges and the approaches to analyzing sexual behavior data, Kinsey’s work is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the field’s history as well as the intricacies of data gathering and interpretation. Academics, researchers, and students will find the “Statistical Problems” and “Validity of the Data” sections particularly enlightening, as they provide a window into the 20th-century scientific community’s attempt to quantify and understand human sexuality objectively.

For those invested in the subset of male psychology related to sexuality, the volume serves as an extensive repository of knowledge. The discussions on “Early Sexual Growth and Activity,” “Total Sexual Outlet,” and the various factors that influence them enlighten readers to the complexities of sexual development. Such information is pertinent for those involved in clinical psychology or sexual education, as understanding the basis of male sexual behavior is crucial to fostering healthy sexual attitudes and practices.

The book’s probing into “Age and Sexual Outlet,” “Marital Status and Sexual Outlet,” and similar socioeconomic and cultural factors offers rich insights for sociologists and anthropologists. This exploration discloses the intersection of sexuality with various aspects of life, revealing the social tapestry that contextualizes an individual’s sexual experiences. It underscores how sexual behavior is influenced not just by biology but also by the fabric of society.

“Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” doesn’t shy away from the more controversial aspects of male sexuality. Sections like “Homosexual Outlet” and “Intercourse with Prostitutes” are tackled with a clear focus on empirical evidence, shedding light on less discussed areas of sexual behavior. Kinsey’s work pioneered discussions on these topics, pushing the boundaries and expanding our knowledge vastness of the sexual spectrum.

In the part titled “Sources of Sexual Outlet,” the book addresses a variety of sexual activities, from masturbation to extramarital intercourse. By understanding these outlets, individuals interested in personal sexual development, counselors, and those within the pickup artist (PUA) community can gain a deeper appreciation of the factors motivating sexual behaviors and practices.

Beyond academia, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” has relevance for the pickup artist community. By dissecting components of male sexual behavior, the book provides a backdrop and a reality check for those engaged in seeking dating tips and dating advice. Understanding the underlying psychology of male desire and sexual patterns can considerably improve one’s strategy and approach to building attraction and successful interactions.

Though some of the concepts may seem dated to the modern reader, the volume’s exploration into “Animal Contacts” and “Clinical Tables” can provoke thought on the evolutionary aspects of sexuality. Such information can enrich the dialogue within communities focused on understanding the biological underpinnings of human attraction and sexual response.

Offered in various formats, including a Kindle eBook version for $46.53, a hardcover edition available at $59.98, and a rare paperback for $166.50, the book is made accessible for those who wish to delve into the knowledge it encapsulates. Each medium provides a different reading experience, fitting every preference whether you want the traditional feel of a book in your hands, or the convenience of digital technology.

Summing up the product’s specifics: the skillset this volume caters to is that of Female Psychology and Masculine Sexuality & Sexual Skills. It is suitable for beginners who are new to the field of human sexuality research. People can opt for a learning format that includes a Kindle eBook or physical copies such as a book or hardcover. Alfred C. Kinsey, a renowned sexologist and researcher, authored this influential program. The published date for the version we’re considering is May 22, 1998, although the original work dates to 1948.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Part I: History and Method
– Historical Introduction
– Interviewing
– Statistical Problems
– Validity of the Data

Part II:
Factors Affecting Sexual Outlets

– Early Sexual Growth and Activity
– Total Sexual Outlet
– Age and Sexual Outlet
– Marital Status and Sexual Outlet
– Age of Adolescence and Sexual Outlet
– Social Level and Sexual Outlet
– Stability of Sexual Patterns
– Rural-Urban Background and Sexual Outlet
– Religious Background and Sexual Outlet

Part III:
Sources of Sexual Outlet

– Masturbation
– Nocturnal Emissions
– Heterosexual Petting
– Pre-marital Intercourse
– Marital Intercourse
– Extra-marital Intercourse
– Intercourse with Prostitutes
– Homosexual Outlet
Animal Contacts
– Clinical Tables

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– Kindle $46.53
– Hardcover $59.98
– Paperback $166.50