Sex God Blueprint

Product Information

This comprehensive program is a treasure trove of sexual mastery for any man looking to enhance their bedroom prowess and become the ultimate provider of pleasure for their partner. It has been meticulously designed with an array of techniques that will not only get women to desire you passionately but also ensure that you are equipped to give them the most electrifying sexual experiences of their life.

At its core, this program is divided into six detailed modules, each focusing on different facets of sexual interaction and pleasure. The curriculum is bound to excite and educate, whether you are a novice just exploring your sexual capabilities or an intermediate looking for ways to up your game.

When it comes to “Sex God Confidence,” this module is crucial for those who wish to bridge the gap between being a good lover and a veritable sex god. It teaches the art of using arousal to tap into a woman’s sexual emotions and uncovers the deep-seated cravings women harbor in bed that transcend even the pursuit of an orgasm. By learning how to mend the cracks in your sexual self-esteem and build a glowing confidence, you’ll be able to conquer sexual performance anxieties with a unique psychological approach.

In “Foreplay Mastery”, the emphasis shifts to a fundamental phase of sexual engagement: foreplay. This module uncovers the tantalizing art of sexual teasing, enlightens on the 19 female erogenous zones, and educates on how to pique her curiosity regarding anal sex. It provides amplification techniques that make women yearn to feel you inside them, and guides on how to stimulate each erogenous zone to instill intense pleasure.

“Fingering Orgasm Mastery” is where manual dexterity takes the limelight. Here, you’ll discover the craft of teasing her clit, various paths to ensure a clitoral fingering orgasm, and finger-play techniques that heighten her foreplay pleasure. It also highlights common mistakes guys make during fingering and ways to avoid them.

Diving deeper, “Oral Sex God Secret” is a module exposing common oral mishaps and advancing one’s technique beyond mundane expectations. It provides methods for stimulating her body before diving into the act and patterns of oral gratification that yield faster and more profound sensations than traditional methods.

Communication is indispensable in “Confident Sexual Communication,” which provides insights into what to say during her climax and dirty talk that ignites her desire for you. It includes practical advice on how to initiate dirty talk without resistance, and how to effectively communicate during sex to amplify her arousal.

Lastly, “Orgasmic Positions” delivers a catalog of sexually invigorating positions. It includes positions that massage the G-spot, amplify your perceived size via deep spot stimulation, and guides on 64 positions that target a woman’s orgasmic zones. It also offers positions that simultaneously stimulate multiple orgasmic areas, maximizing pleasure.

The bonus content adds even more value to this already robust program. “Fulfilling Her Sexual Desires” helps one understand and meet their partner’s intricate sexual needs, “Manhood Mastery” is geared towards the cultivation of one’s sexual identity and prowess, and “Practicing Presence” emphasizes the importance of being mentally and emotionally in the moment, enhancing the sexual experience for both parties involved.

Skill Set: This program focuses heavily on Masculine Sexuality & Sexual Skills, offering a holistic approach to sexual mastery.

Experience Level: It is perfectly crafted for Beginners and Intermediates, with techniques that are accessible to those just starting and challenging enough for those with more experience.

Learning Format: The learning materials are available in eBook and Download (Audio) formats, allowing for both visual and auditory learning experiences.

Coach/Expert: Created by the insightful Joey Jay, you can trust that the guidance is expertly curated.

Release Date: This transformative program has been available since January 01, 2013, and continues to be a vital resource for men worldwide.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Sex God Confidence

  • The golden that separate sex gods from good lovers
  • How to use arousal to stimulate a woman’s sexual emotions
  • What women crave in bed more than an orgasm and how to give it to her
  • How to fix holes in your sexual self esteem and build radiating confidence
  • A psychological technique to conquer sexual performance anxiety

Foreplay Mastery

  • How to sexual tease
  • 19 female erogenous zones
  • Getting her curious and excited about anal sex
  • Amplification amplifiers that make women crave to feel you inside of them
  • How to stimulate each one of erogenous zones to give her body intense pleasure
  • The biggest mistake guys make when kissing a woman and correctly doing it to turn her on

Fingering Orgasm Mastery

  • How to tease her clit before you touch it
  • Multiple ways to give her a clitoral fingering orgasm
  • Fingering techniques to give her an intense foreplay orgasm
  • Three mistakes guys make when fingering and how to avoid doing them
  • Multiple fingering set up to make her orgasm stronger than the last one

Oral Sex God Secret

  • A big oral sex mistake
  • How to stimulate her body before giving her oral sex
  • Advanced oral techniques using just your mouth and tongue
  • Oral sex patterns that provide incredible sensations faster than traditional oral technique

Confident Sexual Communication

  • What to say while she is climaxing
  • The confident dirty talk to make her want you
  • A 6-word phrase that immediately turns women off
  • A rejection-free way to start talking dirty talking to a woman
  • What to say during sex to get her more excited and turned on by you
  • What to say to her in public that will make her want you when she can’t

Orgasmic Positions

  • 14 positions that stimulate her G-spot
  • 26 deep spot stimulate positions that make your “member” feel larger
  • 64 positions that stimulate a woman’s orgasm zones and make them climax
  • 15 positions that make your “member” stimulate multiple orgasm areas, simultaneously

What You Get:

  • ebook and MP3s