Rock Solid Body Language

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“Rock Solid Body Language” is a transformational online course tailored for individuals looking to enhance their interpersonal skills through the power of non-verbal communication.

As you venture into the world of attraction and influence, understanding body language becomes an essential tool for anyone, particularly for those involved in the pickup artist (PUA) community. Beginners who yearn for confidence and a magnetic presence will discover a treasure of wisdom in this comprehensive guide.

The program kicks off with a critical section titled ‘Smooth & Relaxed,’ focused on developing a poised demeanor, especially under pressure. It dives deeply into the art of maintaining composure, teaching students how to establish calming behaviors that resonate with a relaxed state of being. Techniques to control one’s breath and heart rate provide a physiological foundation for a steady and self-assured aura that is universally appealing. This module also unveils strategies to embed positive body language practices into the subconscious, and offers insights into recognizing and managing natural nervous behaviors which are invaluable for PUAs as they navigate social settings.

Next, ‘Rock Solid Body Language’ tackles ‘Posture Correction,’ an aspect of body language that speaks volumes about an individual’s self-perception and the impression they leave on others. Learning to portray confidence and attractiveness through posture can instantly change the way you are perceived by potential dates and peers. This segment instructs on commanding respect from acquaintances and drawing attention in any room—an essential skill set for those practicing dating tips and seeking to improve their dating advice repertoire.

Within the ‘High-Status Gestures’ portion, students explore how to exude authority without saying a word. From the things one should avoid to mastering purposeful movements, this section is chock-full of tips for firm handshakes and carrying oneself during interviews or high-stakes social encounters. These high-status cues are particularly significant in the PUA context, where establishing one’s presence can dictate the success of an interaction.

Fashion and style take center stage in the segment titled ‘The Uniforms We Wear.’ This segment goes beyond the superficial, educating students on how clothing choices can send powerful signals and reinforce attractive stereotypes. It breaks down the process of selecting the right pants, shirts, and jackets for one’s body type, even detailing how to ascertain one’s face shape and apply the ‘golden ratio’ trick to enhance physical allure.

The ‘Reading People’ chapter in the “Rock Solid Body Language” course is a game-changer for those looking to detect subtle cues that indicate whether someone harbors a liking towards you, a critical edge for PUAs. This information inherently strengthens one’s ability to approach and engage with women while adopting the correct body language. Understanding these cues allows for a more thoughtful and calibrated approach, drastically improving the success rate of initiating and sustaining attraction.

Lastly, building ‘rapport’ is an indispensable facet discussed in this course. The nuances of how to engender comfort and openness in others are presented, enabling fruitful interactions and deeper connections. Relationships built on a foundation of strong rapport often prove more resilient and rewarding, marking this concept as a cornerstone for anyone interested in dating and relationship dynamics.

What sets “Rock Solid Body Language” apart is the online access it offers, granting flexibility and convenience for learners to embrace these new skills on their schedule, thus resonating with the dynamic lifestyles of modern PUAs and people interested in self-improvement.

To encapsulate, “Rock Solid Body Language” is rooted in a diverse skill set surrounding Inner Game & Confidence. With a focus on beginners, it provides a seamless online learning format crafted by the adept expertise of Colin Jackson. Since its release on January 01, 2010, it remains an invaluable resource for those venturing into the intricacies of body language in the realms of dating and daily interaction.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

  • Smooth & Relaxed
    • How to react under pressure
    • How to establish calming behaviors
    • How to control your breath and heart rate
    • Body language deep in your subconscious
    • Establish baseline nervous behaviors
  • .

  • Posture Correction
    • How to make people think you’re confident & attractive
    • How to gain respect from new people you meet
    • How to draw people’s attention
  • .

  • High-Status Gestures
    • Establishing authority
    • Things to avoid
    • How to use authoritative movements
    • Guide for shaking people’s hands
    • What to do during interviews
  • .

  • The Uniforms We Wear
    • What clothes you should buy
    • How to use clothing to signal people
    • Attractive stereotypes
    • How to buy pants, shirts, and jackets to fit you
    • How to figure out your face shape
    • How to apply the ‘golden ratio’ trick
  • .

  • Reading People
    • Method for detecting whether someone likes you or not
    • Signals to attract women
    • How to approach a group with the correct body language
  • .

  • Rapport
    • How to build ‘rapport’ with others
    • How to get others to relax and open themselves


What You Get:

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