Real Moments

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In the intricately woven tapestry of “Real Moments,” bestselling author Barbara De Angelis delves deep into the essence of happiness, which resonates not just in the solitude of individual experience but extends to the profound connections we share with others—especially in intimacy and love. With her profound wisdom, this comprehensive guide illuminates how the rediscovery of sincere joy and elation can be achieved amidst the hustle of daily life, particularly within relationships that are central to our well-being.


The book is artfully divided into four parts, each exploring different facets of life and the unique moments that tie them together. In the initial section, “The Hungry Heart,” readers are invited on a quest for happiness that transcends superficial pleasure—a journey demanding an exploration of the deeper crisis of spirit in contemporary society. It boldly addresses why so many individuals often find themselves detached from the real moments that genuinely fulfill.


Subsequently, Part Two, “Real Moments and Living,”

focuses on the rebirth of one’s authentic self. This enlightening segment redefines how we view our professional endeavours and how we can cultivate moments of authenticity even during the most challenging times. Championing genuine existence, De Angelis offers the reader an insightful perspective on integrating real moments into every aspect of daily life.


In the pivotal third segment of the book,

“Real Moments and Relationships,”

the emphasis pivots to the core of human connections. From romantic entanglements to familial bonds, readers are ushered into a world where loving authentically isn’t just an aspiration, but an attainable reality. The book tackles the parallel yet distinct experiences of how both women and men can navigate toward the real moments that strengthen and nurture relational bonds.


Further enriching the book’s poignancy, the final section,

“The Path to Real Moments,”

acts as the reader’s personal compendium for everyday spirituality. Here, De Angelis discusses the importance of fostering a private sanctuary for self-reflection, the role that silence and sacred spaces play in our internal dialogue, and how rituals can serve as touchstones for authenticity in our hurried lives. More so, she emphasizes the importance of gratitude and acts of kindness – tools that not only enhance personal joy but also enrich the lives of those around us and lead us back to the essence of a home filled with real moments.

The guidance Barbara De Angelis offers is more than mere ‘dating tips’ or ‘dating advice.’ Instead, her insights are steeped in the deeper quest of personal growth that transcends the simplistic goal of ‘pickup artistry.’ Readers seeking to cultivate meaningful relationships and nurture their existing ones will find a wellspring of wisdom within these pages.

For those engrossed in the PUA community, this book serves as a precious reminder that the art of connection goes beyond superficial encounters; it beckons a sincere understanding and practice of emotional depth. Readers not only learn how to discover happiness with loved ones but also grasp how real moments in sex and intimacy can emerge from a foundation of
genuine connection and shared experiences, not merely techniques or strategies.

Novices in the nuanced realm of relationships will find
“Real Moments” to be an invaluable guide. With its easy-to-digest format and empathetic tone, the book is accessible to beginners yet filled with timeless wisdom for all experience levels.

The learning format of this book embraces the power of introspective reading, offering the individual an opportunity to absorb and reflect upon the teachings at a personal pace. Barbara De Angelis harnesses her expertise as both a coach and an experienced author to provide readers with a transformative approach to discovering and nurturing happiness within their lives.

– Skill Set: Relationship Skills
– Experience Level: Beginner
– Learning Format: Book
– Coach or Expert: Barbara De Angelis
– Release Date: October 01, 1995


Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Part 1: The Hungry Heart
– Your Quest for Happiness
– The Crisis of Spirit in America
– Hiding From Real Moments

Part 2: Real Moments and Living
– Giving Birth to Your Self
– Real Moments and Work
– Real Moments in Difficult Times

Part 3: Real Moments and Relationships
– Real Moments and Loving
– Women and Real Moments
– Men and Real Moments
– Real Moments and the Family

Part 4: The Path to Real Moments
– Everyday Spirituality: Real Moments with Yourself
– Silence and Sacred Spaces
– Rituals and Real Moments
– Gratitude and Acts of Kindness
– Finding Your Way Back Home