Practical Day Game

Product Information

Introduction to “Practical Day Game”

“Practical Day Game,” a commanding online program crafted for those looking to refine their approach and master the art of meeting women in everyday situations. It’s more than just a course; it’s a comprehensive journey designed for men who aspire to cultivate meaningful relationships, beginning with that first, captivating encounter under the sun’s light.

The Expertise behind the Program

Directed by the expert hands of Ozzie, the revered head coach of ABC’s of Attraction’s day game section, and renowned JT Tran, also known as the Asian Playboy, this program offers a wealth of wisdom. It weaves together potent infield digital videos, engrossing lectures, and transformative hotseat critiques. Men from diverse backgrounds find a wellspring of knowledge here, a compendium distinct for its focus on practical, daytime interactions.

The Core Philosophy

With the ethos of ABCs of Attraction imbued within each module, “Practical Day Game” lays a foundation that’s both intellectual and pragmatic. The lectures delve into the theoretical aspects of day game, demystifying the social dynamics that one may encounter out in the field. It’s more than mere technique; it’s about embracing a philosophy that commands presence and charisma in all daylight social scenes.

Initiating the Journey

Initiation into “Practical Day Game” begins with a robust introduction by JT and Ozzie themselves, setting the stage for what will be an invigorating journey through the ABCs—Attitude, Attract, and Approach. These initial steps are fundamental to PUAs, shaping the mindset and capabilities essential for successful encounters.

Beyond the Beginning

But this program doesn’t just stop at the beginning. It dares to delve deeper into the alphabet of attraction. From there, it progresses to B for Be In the Moment, Banter, and Buying Temperature—vital for escalating the interaction—and C for Comfort, Compliance, and Connect, ensuring a seamless transition to genuine connection.

Advanced Techniques

“Dominance, Direct Intent, & Disqualify” is where “Practical Day Game” pushes the envelope, encouraging students to assert themselves confidently and converse with purpose. Moving forward, “E for Evaluate, Extract & Escalate” is a triad that primes men for not only assessing the connection but also for skilfully taking things forward, be it setting up a date or igniting a spark of romance.

Reflection and Integrity

F for Future – Are You a FUN UP ARTIST? or a Fake Pickup Artist?!” It’s a crucial reflection that challenges members to consider their integrity within the PUA community. The answer lies not just in the methods they learn, but in the authenticity with which they engage with the world.

Infield Learning Experience

But what truly sets “Practical Day Game” apart are the infield footages, which include the Colorado Set, Judo, Las Vegas, London, Puffy Hair, and Sisters scenarios. These scenes are not just demonstrations – they’re real-life instances, dissected and analyzed to highlight what works and what fumbles in day game.

Guided Critiques

As disciples of “Practical Day Game” digest the lectures and analyze the footages, they are not left to fend for themselves. The hotseat critiques are akin to a forge where their day game skills are tempered to precision under the watchful guidance of Ozzie and the ABCs trainers.

Application in the Real World

Indeed, every aspect of this program breathes life into the mantra of ‘dating tips’ and ‘dating advice’, which PUAs seek avidly. From the bustling streets to the serene parks, participants are equipped to transform the day’s ordinariness into scenes of romantic potential.

Product Specifics

“Practical Day Game” is calibrated for men at the beginner level, eager to embark on their journey into meeting and attracting women with confidence. The learning format includes eBooks, video downloads, and online access—offering a flexible approach to assimilating the wisdom within. The architects of this transformative experience are Jerry Tran (The Asian Playboy) and Ozzie, experts who not only theorize but also practice what they preach. Launched by ABC’s of Attraction on April 22, 2011, this program continues to enrich the lexicon and craft of pickup artists around the globe.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:


  • Theories behind day game through the ways of ABCs of Attraction
  • Introduction with JT and Ozzie


A: Attitude, Attract & Approach
B: Be In the Moment, Banter & Buying Temperature
C: Comfort, Compliance & Connect
D: Dominance, Direct Intent, & Disqualify
E: Evaluate, Extract & Escalate
F: Future – Are You a FUN UP ARTIST? or a Fake Pickup Artist?!

Infield Footages:

  • Colorado Set
  • Judo
  • Las Vegas
  • London
  • Puffy Hair
  • Sisters