Pick-Up Lines That Work

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In the thriving world of dating advice and pick-up artistry (PUA), there comes a book that stands as an essential toolkit for all aspiring PUAs. This comprehensive guide presents a plethora of techniques tailored for various social settings. With over 1500 pick-up lines at your disposal, this volume is an exhaustive compendium that goes beyond the simple cliched phrases, diving deep into the mechanics of successful approaches and the nuances of attraction. The book’s objective is not just to hand over ready-made lines, but to instill a deeper understanding of pick-up strategies and the psychology behind attracting women. It is a resource catered to embolden and enlighten every man on his journey to improve his social prowess.

Breaking the barriers of conventional dating tips, this book leads you through a journey that will equip you with the verbal weapons needed in the battle for attraction. Every chapter, such as ‘Anytime Pick-Up Lines’ and ‘Bar Pick-Up Lines’, provides situation-specific strategies, acting like a Swiss Army knife for social scenarios. This level of detail ensures that whether you find yourself in the vibrancy of a dance club or navigating the constructive confines of a classroom setting, you’re never at a loss for words. Each chapter is meticulously crafted to prepare you for the unique subtleties that different environments demand when talking to women.

‘Car Pick-Up Lines’

presents a set of witty and intriguing openers designed to make a memorable first impression while on the move. ‘Classroom Pick-Up Lines’ takes a more intellectual approach, designing icebreakers that are both clever and context-appropriate. Further into the book, ‘Coffee Spot Pick-Up Lines’ switch up the tempo with warm, inviting conversation starters suitable for the casual, everyday encounters over coffee. The diversity of the chapters reflects an understanding that the context of a pick-up can be as influential as the line itself.

‘Crazy Stupid Pick-Up Lines’

gathers the brave and outrageous, for those times when boldness is the only key to breaking the ice. On the other hand, ‘Dance Club Pick-Up Lines’ pulsates with the rhythm of the night, providing dynamic and flirtatious phrases that align with the beat of the music and the energy of the setting. Social grocery shopping takes a twist with ‘Grocery Store Pick-Up Lines’, where a playful comment about produce can lead to a nourishing conversation, proving that opportunity can strike anywhere.

.The book is not oblivious to the surge in digital interactions, with ‘Internet Pick-Up Lines’ extending its expertise to the realm of online dating, where the first impression is made with the click of a button. Not to overlook daily fitness routines, ‘Gym Pick-Up Lines’ covers the dos and don’ts of making a connection while working out, proving that physical attraction can also inspire emotional curiosity. However, chapters like ‘Rude And Crude Pick-Up Lines’ push the envelope, offering audacious material for the man who lives by ‘high risk, high reward’.

.Beyond the initial meeting, the guide ventures into continuous interaction with sections covering tactical conversational advancements. An example is ‘Mall Pick-Up Lines’ which provides you with scripts that can turn a casual shopping trip into an opportunity for connection. ‘Walking Pick-Up Lines’ contribute to capturing the essence of spontaneity, emphasizing the power of approaching women in the most natural and unexpected situations.

Every chapter holds the potential to unlock greater confidence and present a more attractive version of the reader to the world. By sharing ‘Party Pick-Up Lines’ and ‘Video Store Pick-Up Lines’, the book encourages readers to apply their new-found skills across all formats of social life, whether the backdrop is celebratory or nostalgic. Recognizing the need for originality, the lines are designed not just to be recited but to inspire creativity in conversational artistry.

At the helm of this comprehensive study into the art of pick-up is Devon Wild, who has harnessed his expertise and experience into crafting a guide that speaks to beginners and intermediates alike. Each chapter stands as a testament to the vibrant and dynamic field of dating advice and practical application in the world of PUAs. The material is refreshingly diverse, reflecting the author’s understanding of the multitudinous facets that make up modern social interactions.

With a release date on October 3, 2003, this ebook is perfectly structured for those just setting foot into the realm of pickup artistry and seeking to spruce up their interpersonal skill set. However, it’s versatile enough for the intermediate level individual looking to refine their technique. The learning format is convenient for the digital age, as an easily accessible encyclopedia of attraction. Devon Wild’s creation serves as a baseline guide for those ready to evolve their persona into a more confident and appealing individual in any social landscape.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:


  • Chapter 1: Pick-Up Line Strategy
  • Chapter 2: Anytime Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 3: Bar Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 4: Car Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 5: Classroom Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 6: Coffee Spot Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 7: Crazy Stupid Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 8: Dance Club Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 9: Grocery Store Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 10: Gym Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 11: Internet Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 12: Mall Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 13: Rude And Crude Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 14: Party Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 15: Video Store Pick-Up Lines
  • Chapter 16: Walking Pick-Up Lines