Oral Fixation

Product Information

“Oral Fixation” is much more than just a guide; it’s an insightful and strategic blueprint for unlocking the passionate potential in your relationship with the goal of enhancing sexual intimacy.

Designed by the renowned relationship expert Michael Fiore, this program is meticulously crafted to break through cultural and psychological barriers that typically suppress a woman’s willingness and desire to perform oral sex. Michael Fiore uses his profound understanding of women’s sexuality and the dynamics of relationships to provide men with a compelling approach to improve this aspect of their intimate lives.

The first segment of “Oral Fixation” delves deep into the psychology of oral sex from a woman’s perspective. It acknowledges the complexity of feelings and thoughts that surround this intimate act. Understanding the psychological underpinnings is crucial for any PUA or gentleman who seeks to connect with their partner on a deeper level. Fiore dissects the elements that often go unspoken, laying a foundation for open communication and trust.

To complement this psychological exploration, the program addresses the eight common blocks that hold women back from enjoying the act of giving oral pleasure. These blocks can range from past negative experiences to misconceptions about the act itself. Each roadblock is examined thoroughly, with Fiore offering solutions and strategies to overcome them, heralding a liberating journey towards a more fulfilling love life for both partners.

“Oral Fixation” also includes invaluable practical advice on how to inspire a woman to give oral sex, transforming it into a source of mutual joy rather than a one-sided endeavor. It fosters an atmosphere where giving becomes as satisfying as receiving. Fiore guides participants through the art of communication, teaching them how to express their desires in a way that is both enticing and respectful.

A significant part of this experience is learning how to receive oral sex in a manner that heightens a woman’s pleasure in the act. It’s about creating a reciprocal dynamic that resonates with warmth and passion. The program illustrates the importance of non-verbal cues, like eye contact, that can significantly amplify intimacy and her ardor for you.

At the heart of Fiore’s teachings are secret words and phrases that act like covert triggers for deep-seated desires. The idea is to initiate a verbal interplay with subtlety and finesse, encouraging an open and sincere exchange of sensual wants and pleasures. Fiore imparts how language can be a powerful tool in deepening sexual connection between partners.

Moreover, “Oral Fixation” recognizes that expressing specific desires can occasionally be misconstrued or lead to discomfort. Navigating this delicate terrain, the program provides strategies on how to articulate precisely what you want without causing misunderstanding or prompting feelings of inadequacy.

One of the most transformative lessons within this course is how to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in a woman for her oral sex skills. This segment of the program is about recognition and appreciation, playing a pivotal role in building her confidence and enthusiasm for the act. Fiore enlightens his audience on the positive reinforcement techniques that can fortify a lover’s self-esteem and sexual empowerment.

Lastly, the education wouldn’t be complete without an understanding of the appropriate responses and behaviors during and after receiving oral sex. “Oral Fixation” details the actions that will make a woman feel appreciated and valued, ensuring her experiences are laden with contentment and the desire to continue exploring and engaging in sexual acts.

As an additional resource, “Oral Fixation” includes an eBook that complements the main DVD content, allowing easy reference and review. Additional materials like the “Blow Job Interviews” series and a full audio version of the program ensure that the learning experience adapts to various preferences and lifestyles, allowing the knowledge to be absorbed through different mediums.

– Skill Set: Masculine Sexuality & Sexual Skills
– Experience Level: Intermediate
– Learning Format: DVD (Video), eBook, Audio
– Coach or Expert: Michael Fiore
– Release Date: January 01, 2013

Michael Fiore and Digital Romance Inc. have collaborated to provide a comprehensive and insightful guide for men. “Oral Fixation” is an
enlightened product of its time, speaking to the needs and sophisticated awareness of the contemporary PUA community, offering a blend of psychology, communication, and technique in the realm of romantic and sexual advancement.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

– The Psychology of the blow job
– The 8 Blocks that hold women back
– How to get a woman to give you a blow job
– How to receive a blow job in the way women love
– How to use eye contact and increase her desire for you
– Learn the secret words that you must say while getting blow job
– How to say exactly what you want without her thinking that you do it wrong
– How to get a woman to take pride in her blow job skill and a look of accomplishment on her face
– What you should do after she gives you a blow job to make her feel great and wanting to continue

What You Get:

– eBook
– Blow Job Interviews series and the full audio version