Oooooh . . . Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex

This book, as a guide and enlightening work, serves multiple purposes for men seeking to enhance their romantic and sexual encounters through the power of words. It seamlessly melds the realms of self-improvement with social observations, making it an essential read for those looking to refine their linguistic prowess in intimate settings. For men who understand the significance of dialogue in fostering connection and heightened sexual experiences, this book is a treasure trove of insight.

The content of the book addresses a pivotal skill often overlooked in the realm of pick-up artistry and seduction—verbal acuity. With a concentration on enriching conversations during intimate moments, whether these are in person, over the phone, or through text, the book lays out a comprehensive framework for verbal seduction. The author methodically breaks down how a man’s words can greatly influence the progression and intensity of a sexual encounter, turning mundane interactions into thrilling and memorable ones.

This book is especially designed for men seeking to depart from canned lines and routines often propagated in the PUA community. It encourages genuine, spontaneous, and erotic verbal expression. By doing so, it aligns with the growing movement within the community emphasizing authenticity and personal style over manipulative tactics. This shift represents a more mature and respectful approach to the art of seduction, and the book is at its forefront.

In its essence, the book is not merely a collection of lines or scripts to be memorized. It is a deep dive into the psychology of attraction and the power of verbal foreplay. Through various chapters, it explores how the right words, intonation, and timing can heighten arousal and longing. The advice given is actionable, with examples and exercises designed to boost confidence and skill.

The Art of Attraction and Desire

Echoing throughout the pages is the idea that attraction and desire are art forms, and the ability to articulate oneself eloquently is akin to a master painter wielding his brush. The attention given to detail, to nuance, and to the dance of conversation is what sets this book apart from more mechanical or formulaic dating advice. It addresses the unique needs of individuals seeking to connect on a deeper level, beyond surface attraction, and into the realm of intellectual and emotional bonding.

The Power of the Spoken Word in Intimacy

Further, the book serves as a critique of common misconceptions that silence is golden in intercourse or seductions. It challenges readers to not only reconsider these notions but also to embrace their voices as tools of pleasure and connection. The author guides readers through the journey of finding their intimate voice and wielding it with precision and grace.

Empowering Men Across the Spectrum of Intimacy

For men who struggle with intimacy, whether it be due to shyness, lack of experience, or previous negative experiences, the book is particularly empathetic and empowering. It reassures readers that everyone can improve and harness their verbal skills for enriching their sexual life. The stories and anecdotes included provide both inspiration and down-to-earth advice that can help men to shatter their barriers to fulfilling interactions.

Consent and Respect in Seduction

The book does not shy away from addressing the complex dynamics of consent and respect within intimate encounters. It emphasizes communication as a vital aspect of ensuring that both parties are comfortable, willing, and enthusiastic participants. In doing so, it aligns itself with responsible and ethical seduction principles, fostering a culture of mindfulness and integrity within the PUA sphere.

The approach is pensive yet pragmatic, understanding that transformation does not occur overnight. The author encourages reflection, practice, and patience in honing verbal skills. It stresses the importance of feedback, both from internal reflection and from interactions with partners, serving as a foundation for continuous improvement.

Additionally, the book incorporates various perspectives and scenarios, considering diverse sexual preferences and orientations. The inclusivity of the advice makes it more broadly applicable and acknowledges the vast spectrum of human sexuality. This broad consideration enriches the advice given and ensures that it resonates with a wider audience.

Adapting and Tailoring to Your Partner

As a culmination of the principles taught, the book endorses the importance of tailoring one’s approach to the specific individual and situation at hand. It rejects one-size-fits-all solutions and instead emphasizes the significance of adaptability and empathy in real-time interactions. It encourages readers to be attentive to the cues and responses of their partners, adapting their verbal techniques to the flow of the encounter.

Beyond the Bedroom

Beyond the bedroom, the skills imparted in the book have far-reaching implications. They aim at not only improving one’s love life but also enhancing social and communicative abilities in general. Men who master the art of seductive conversation will likely find themselves more confident and persuasive in day-to-day interactions as well.

In conclusion, the book represents a thoughtful and effective guide for men seeking to amplify the intimate dimension of their relationships through verbal artistry. It echoes the sentiments and needs of those within the PUA community and beyond who desire to deepen connections and express themselves more fully in their romantic and sexual lives.


– Skill Set: Attracting Women with Verbal Skills for Intimacy

– Experience Level: Beginner
– Learning Format: Kindle eBook and Physical Book
– Coach or Expert: Alan Roger Currie
– Release Date: December 15, 2011