Older Women, Younger Men – Dating A Cougar

Product Information

“Older Women, Younger Men” is an exceptional guide that unravels the art of dating between mature women and younger men. This eBook offers step-by-step instructions to men, particularly younger ones, interested in seeking relationships with older women, affectionately known as “Cougars”. The book is a treasure trove of comprehensive strategies, secrets, and insights into the dynamic world of cougar dating.

The guide begins with an honest and in-depth look at what society dubs the “May-December Affair” by scrutinizing the modern romance between older women and younger men. It lays out the psychological and social dynamics at play, providing the groundwork for understanding the allure of this unconventional dating realm.

Next, in “Cougar Dating 101“, the book provides an educational tour, starting with the engaging “Cougar Glossary”, which is a handy reference to get acquainted with the terms and lingo used in the cougar dating community. It continues with a historical perspective on how the notion of “The Cougar” has evolved in society.

Understanding the different types of cougars, such as “The Divorce Cougar”, “The Sugar Momma Cougar”, and “The Cheating Cougar”, the guide offers insights into their various motivations and preferences when it comes to dating younger men. This portion of the book is enlightening as it dissects the diversity within the cougar community.

The discussion on “Why Prey on Younger Men?” provides psychological insights into the mutual attraction between cougars and cubs. Here, PUAs, or pickup artists, can learn about the nuanced aspirations and desires of older women and how they are markedly different from those of younger females.

Addressing a key aspect, the guide presents “How to Date a Cougar” with practical advice and strategies. It recognizes that for a successful relationship with a cougar, a clear understanding and preparation is essential, and therefore, it features a “Cub’s Checklist” and an overview of “Famous Cougar Couples” for inspiration and real-world examples.

In the section “Tips for the Clubs: On Dating Older Women”, the guide becomes an invaluable asset for young men looking to leverage their youth. Factors such as “Confidence”, “Experience”, and “Independence” that typically lure younger men to older women are thoroughly examined.

Before diving into the relationship, the book encourages potential cubs to know where to find cougars and prepares them for various scenarios, emphasizing the importance of setting effective goals and doing proper research.

When it’s time to get serious about dating, “Getting around Cougar Town” offers an exclusive peek into the social dynamics at play, addressing the prevalent stigma and providing advice on how to handle these challenges.

For those who’ve found comfort in the cub identity, “Advice for the Cub at Heart” blends eight critical tips for dating older women into a strategic approach for these unique relationships.

Additionally, the guide doesn’t leave out advice for cougars interested in dating younger men—providing strategies on “Finding Younger Men” and “Creating an Impression” that will last. It includes rich, insightful discussions on how cougars can manage “Relationship Tips”, the dynamics between “Younger Men vs. Older Men”, and how to handle public scrutiny.

The book’s conclusion ties together the elaborate advice and strategies covered, leaving the reader with a sense of mastery over the topic of cougar-cub relationships.

Furthermore, the afterword serves as closure, a reflective contemplation on the societies’ evolving views on older women dating younger men, and the path forward for those courageous enough to embrace these relationships.

Skill Set: Attracting Women
Experience Level: Beginner
Learning Format: eBook
Coach or Expert: Eddie Strickland
Release Date: January 01, 2011

“Older Women, Younger Men” is undoubtedly a pioneering program in an often misunderstood dating niche. Eddie Strickland’s work is a
must-read for novices in the field, offering an eBook format that guides readers from the basics to the complexities of cougar dating unraveled with great detail. This release, dating back to January 1, 2011, remains a significant resource for aspiring PUAs looking to expand their horizons into mature territories.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Dissecting the May-December Affair

Cougar Dating 101

1. The Cougar Glossary

2. The Birth of the Cougar

3. The Feline Family
– The Divorce Cougar
– The Sugar Momma Cougar
– The Cheating Cougar

.4. Why Prey on Younger Men?

5. How to Date a Cougar

6. A Cub’s Checklist

7. Famous Cougar Couples


Tips for the Clubs: On Dating Older Women

1. What Lures Younger Men In

– Confidence
– Experience
– Independence
– Emotional Stability
– Maturity
– Experimental

2. Before Dating A Cougar

– Know Where to Find Them
– How To Prepare for Them
– Setting Your Goals
– Doing Research
– Understanding social stigma
– Understanding the difference of cougars from other women

3. When It’s Time to Date: Getting around Cougar Town

– The Mating Season
– The Prowl
– The Cougar and the Cub
– Overcoming More Cougar Stigma

4. Advice for the Cub at Heart

– 8 Tips When Dating Older Women: Putting It All Together


Tips for Cougars: On Dating Younger Men

.1. Finding Younger Men

2. Creating an Impression

3. Relationship Tips

– Short Term and Long Term Relationships
– Keeping Him Interested: Let Him Chase You

.4. Younger Men vs. Older Men

.5. Dealing with Issues

.6. Level of Success and Public Scrutiny