Making Relationships Matter: Nine Ways to Stay in Love for Life

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In “Making Relationships Matter: Nine Ways to Stay in Love for Life,” David Coleman, also known as The Dating Doctor, takes readers on a journey to enhance their inner game for fostering better and lasting relationships. Unlike many books that focus purely on the initial stages of attraction or the techniques of the pickup artist (PUA) scene, Coleman’s work dives deep into the elements that sustain love over time.

The first of the nine significant ways Coleman emphasizes is courage. In the context of the PUA community, courage often means the bravery to approach and engage with potential partners. Coleman, however, expands on this concept, encouraging readers to also have the courage to be vulnerable, to share one’s needs and fears within a relationship, and to address concerns before they become unmanageable.

As a PUA, being valuable often refers to developing a lifestyle and personality that are attractive to others. Coleman’s second way reinforces this idea but situates it within a relationship’s framework, encouraging readers to continue growing as individuals and thus become ongoing sources of inspiration and support to their partners.


Respect is vital when it comes to dating advice, and Coleman places a strong emphasis on it as his third way to maintain a loving relationship. While PUAs learn the necessity of respect during interactions, Coleman extends this beyond the approach, encouraging readers to maintain a respectful stance through communication, understanding differences, and prioritizing their partner’s feelings alongside their own.


Forgiveness is a powerful tool in one’s relationship skillset, and in this fourth way, Coleman prompts readers to let go of grudges and misunderstandings. In the PUA world where rejection is common, learning to forgive oneself is first taught; Coleman, however, focuses on the need to forgive within relationships, which facilitates a deeper connection and long-term happiness.


Passion, a popular term among PUAs, translates in Coleman’s fifth way not only to physical connection but also to a zest for life shared between partners. This encompasses a wide spectrum of dating tips, from keeping the romantic spark alive to engaging in activities that both partners are enthusiastic about.


Commitment, the sixth way, goes beyond the persistence often taught in dating advice or PUA techniques. Coleman describes this as a steadfast dedication to the relationship itself, urging readers to uphold their promises and consistently choose their relationship, especially during challenging times.

Be Spiritual

In the seventh way, “Be Spiritual,” Coleman takes a step that isn’t always spelled out in PUA material. He encourages couples to explore the depth of their connection, whether it’s through shared values, religious beliefs, or simply a deeper understanding of the universe’s role in their lives.


Trustworthiness, Coleman’s eighth tenet, is paramount in building a lasting relationship. While the PUA community emphasizes trust as a means to an end, Coleman positions it as the end in itself, encouraging partners to consistently demonstrate reliability and integrity.

Be Healthy

Lastly, “Be Healthy” encompasses physical, mental, and emotional health. Although not often highlighted in PUA training, Coleman underscores the contributions of a healthy lifestyle to the stability and joy within a relationship.

“Making Relationships Matter: Nine Ways to Stay in Love for Life” lays out these paths to a fulfilling partnership in a manner that melds the practical approaches singles might seek in PUA guides with the enduring qualities that long-term relationships require. Readers will get not just quick fixes, but a blueprint to relationship longevity.

It’s worth noting that the book format ensures that readers can delve into these principles deeply and at their own pace, reflecting on how each aspect applies to their current or future relationships.

Summing up the product’s specifics: “Making Relationships Matter: Nine Ways to Stay in Love for Life” is geared toward enhancing relationship skills and inner game confidence. It’s an ideal resource for beginners eager to understand the foundational elements of a lasting partnership. The learning format is a hardcover book, making it a robust and tangible guide for readers. Authored by David Coleman, renowned as The Dating Doctor, this book stands as a testament to his expertise in the dating realm. Released on September 28, 2003, by The Dating Doctor company, it carries the wisdom and insights suitable for those at the start of their relationship journey and individuals seeking to deepen existing connections.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

– Be Courageous
– Be Valuable
– Be Respectful
– Be Forgiving
– Be Passionate
– Be Committed
– Be Spiritual
– Be Trustworthy
– Be Healthy
– Be Involved


What You Get:

Hardcover book