How To Get Your Power Back After She Breaks Up (Kindle Edition)

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Getting your groove back after a breakup isn’t just about moving on, it’s about reclaiming the confidence and power that may feel lost in the aftermath. This transformative material created by Francisco Bujan from is designed to guide men through the emotional turbulence of a breakup and rekindle the fire of their natural instinctual power. It is an essential toolkit for men who are ready to shift their mindset from one of loss to one of growth and personal power.

The content unfolds in a structured manner, starting with “Part 1: Key Strategies to get your full power back.” This section is pivotal as it paves the path towards a renewed self. It confronts the mental real estate a former partner may still occupy and addresses it with concrete strategies. The battle for power doesn’t only exist externally, but internally too, and this book tackles this head-on. The nuanced discussions about when or if to meet your ex, handling contact, and coping with emotions like guilt and pain are designed to resonate with men facing these very dilemmas.

Further, the material challenges you to question the role that hope and attachment play in your healing process. By pondering the likelihood of a reunion and whether you’re clinging to a dream that’s holding you back, you begin to draw boundaries that protect your emotional well-being. It’s about understanding that self-care includes purging your space of their presence and that feeling anger and frustration is a normal, healthy part of the process. In this respect, the book serves as not only counsel but also as an acknowledgment of the emotions that are often dismissed in the aftermath of a relationship.

Interspersed in the narrative are powerful affirmations like “Yes! I can live without her!” and grounding questions such as “Why did she break up? – Find answers.” It’s a step-by-step manual that empowers you to scrutinize the invisible storylines that may be subconsciously dictating your responses and emotions. And when it comes to handling rebound relationships and sexual needs post-breakup, the advice is practical, aligning with the typical concerns and queries of the audience.

Part 2, titled “Power Kicks,” is likely a segment that packs quick, potent insights to jolt you back into confidence. These would be brief but impactful reminders or exercises that inject energy and determination into your journey. They might serve as the daily boost of motivation needed to keep forging ahead.

In “Part 3: Power Tips,” one could anticipate a collection of actionable advice, distilled from the principles and strategies discussed earlier. These tips are geared towards consistent, daily improvements in behavior and mindset that compound over time to redefine your sense of self-worth and power.

Throughout the flow of information, vital topics like staying away from self-destructive habits such as alcohol and drugs, finding solace and strength in new friendships, and maintaining physical health are emphasized as cornerstones of a strong, secure recovery. It suggests adopting a professional attitude—not just in work but generally in approaching this challenging life situation with discipline, focus, and an eye for constructive outcomes rather than self-pity.

A particular emphasis within the pages commands the reader to shed the victim mentality and embrace the identity of a winner—a victor over circumstances, creating a life that’s resilient and joyful without the need for validation from a romantic relationship.

To those who resonate with terms like ‘PUAs,’ ‘dating tips,’ and ‘dating advice’, this book may seem to diverge from the standard narrative. Instead of focusing on attracting women, it narrows in on developing a strong inner game and a confidence that is unshakeable—not just in dating, but in all facets of life. For a beginner, or even someone seasoned in the dating scene, who finds themselves floundering post-breakup, this material is a beacon that shines a light on the path to self-recovery.

This Kindle eBook and Book format resource, released on January 1st, 2010, by coach and expert Francisco Bujan, harnesses a wealth of knowledge that seems tailored to a learning journey starting from the ground up. It ensures that any man, regardless of his experience level, can start the process of healing and empowerment. With the medium through which this wisdom is dispensed being so accessible, it’s a valuable addition to any man’s personal development library.

In conclusion:
– Skill Set: Attracting Women, Inner Game & Confidence
– Experience Level: Beginner
– Learning Format: Kindle eBook, Book
– Coach or Expert: Francisco Bujan
– Release Date: January 01, 2010


Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

– Part 1: Key Strategies to get your full power back
– Shift your mind
– She takes too much place in your mind
– This is a battle for power
– What if she calls you?
– Is it wrong to meet?
– How often should you meet?
– No contact?
– Is there a chance of you two getting back together?
– Do you feel pain right now?
– What about guilt?
– Letting go of the dream
– She is dating someone else
– What if she calls you everyday?
– Remove all traces of her presence in your personal space
– Anger and frustration are okay
– Make new friends
– Stay away from alcohol and drugs
– Rebound relationship?
– Stay healthy!
– Think Professionalism!
– Why did she break up? – Find answers
– Was this relationship a mistake?
– The ‘invisible’ story
– How to deal with emotional pain?
– Sexual needs
– Should you be friends with your ex?
– Yes! I can live without her!
– Why you want a coherent strategy
– You are not a victim – You are a winner

– Part 2: Power Kicks

– Part 3: Power Tips