How To Be a Man: A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman

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\Navigating the intricate world of men’s fashion and etiquette can be an overwhelming journey for the modern man. This unique book, created by style maven Glenn O’Brien, cuts through the noise, presenting men with a holistic guide to mastering their personal appeal through style, fashion, and social grace. With over 40 chapters, this book is a repository of sartorial wisdom, incorporating facets of dressing, grooming, and conducting oneself with aplomb in various situations.

The art of being a man is about much more than clothes. The book dives into the philosophy of manhood, exploring how to balance the gentlemanly with the rugged, and understanding how physical presentation can support one’s life’s narrative. Beginning with the fundamental aspects of manhood, O’Brien taps into the primal instincts, while also imparting wisdom on how to navigate the modern complexities of masculinity with elegance and confidence.

From the history of the dandy to the pratfalls of the ill-advisedly attired, the book guides the reader through every aspect of style. It does not only address why it’s crucial for a man to develop his personal style, but it also provides hands-on advice on how to achieve this. Whether it’s perfecting the art of the suit, understanding the subtleties of shirt selection, or distinguishing between the sartorial nuance of shoes and belts, the expertise contained within this book is comprehensive and detailed.

Grooming is not just an addendum to a man’s style; it’s an integral part of it. O’Brien, with his sage-like insight, addresses every aspect from head to toe. Chapters dedicated to the decisions of barber versus salon, or how to choose swimwear that complements one’s physique, make this book an all-encompassing guide for those looking to refine their image.

The book is not simply a clothing catalog of do’s and don’ts; it is a guide that intertwines style with substance, focusing on behavior as much as apparel. Instructing on how to properly communicate, fight, drink, and smoke, it teaches the codes of conduct that define a modern gentleman, ensuring that social etiquette is never an afterthought but a practiced way of life.

With society ever-evolving, understanding the cultural context of style and social behavior becomes paramount. O’Brien’s chapters on how to navigate social constructs—be it dealing with class and snobbery, or understanding the intricacies of politeness—equip the reader with the necessary tools to project individuality and confidence in any setting.

As we age, our style and approach to life evolve. Instead of resisting this change, O’Brien espouses the philosophy of aging gracefully, offering counsel on how to adapt one’s style to reflect the elegance of maturity, and how to deal with the shifts in life with dignity and panache.

For the modern man who is at once a social animal and a part of a rich cultural tapestry, O’Brien concludes with a contemplation of legacy and immortality—how one’s style and actions contribute to the permanent impression one leaves on this world.

The book does not stand alone in the grand scheme of self-development. It serves as a crossover tool, relevant to the pickup artist (PUA) community as well. It underscores the importance of image and physique in the dating scene. The chapters like “How to Be Sexual” highlight the natural interplay between one’s presentation and attractiveness, mirroring dating tips and advice ubiquitous to the PUA sphere, yet providing a deeper, more dignified approach to such themes.

The book, which comes in both hardcover and Kindle formats, is an investment not just in wardrobe but in lifestyle. For the man seeking to harness his visual rhetoric to forge meaningful relationships, be them social, professional, or romantic, O’Brien’s teachings go beyond mere clothing. The details do more than just dress a man; they introduce him to a world where his outward appearance reflects his inner complexity and worth.

Now, to detail the skillsets, this book caters to those looking to improve their Image, Physique, and Style. It is tailored primarily for the Beginner, though even seasoned stylists may find golden nuggets of advice within its pages. The learning format is straightforward—a book, rich in prose, accessible to anyone, anywhere. Penned by the erudite Glenn O’Brien, this guide released on April 26, 2011, stands as a timeless testament to the art of manliness in the 21st century.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Chapter 1: Manhood
How to Be a Man
How to Be a Gentleman
How to Be an Animal
– Man is a Fur-Bearing Mammal
– Hair Today (Gone Tomorrow)
– Barber vs Salon
How to Be Sexual


Chapter 2: Style
How to not Look Stupid
– Notes on the Dandy
– On Suits
On Shirts
On Ties
– On Shoes
On Socks
– On Hats
How to Have a Style
How to be Formal
– Jewels and the Man
– On Belts
On Underwear
On Physique
– On Swimwear
– To be or Not to be in Fashion
Getting it Perfectly Wrong


Chapter 3: Behavior
How to Communicate
– The Correct Insult
How to Fight like a Man
How to Have a Vice
– How to Drink
– How to Smoke
How to Have a Home
How to Be a Host
How to be a Guest
How to Dine Out


Chapter 4: Culture and Society
On the Snob
– How to be Polite
How to be an Individual
How to Be a Friend
– How to Fly
– On Black and White


Chapter 5: Wisdom
– On Taste
How to be Famous
– How to deal with Divinity
On Patriotism
How to Age
– How to Resist the Symptoms of Senility
– How to Ail
– On Dealing with Doctors
How to Exit
Immortality: What to Do Later


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