How To Be A 3% Man, Winning The Heart Of The Woman Of Your Dreams

Product Information

“How To Be A 3% Man” is not just a book; it’s an enlightening guide designed specifically with the aspiring pickup artist (PUA) in mind. Created by Corey Wayne, a well-respected coach in the dating advice community, this book promises to arm men with the essentials of becoming part of the modest percentage that intuitively understands the dynamics of attraction. It offers readers deep insights into the female psyche and principles for generating immediate, magnetic allure in interactions with women.

From the very start, “How To Be A 3% Man” sets the stage with an introduction that not only details the rationale behind the book’s creation but also delivers Corey Wayne’s personal journey towards becoming a PUA. Readers are urged to digest the book repeatedly, embedding its principles until they become second nature. This innovative approach to reading ensures a comprehensive grasp of the art of attraction.

As the book progresses, the reader is taken through ‘The Way Things Are’, which is much more than a mere chapter. It dissects many misconceptions that men harbor about dating. It explains why advice from women about women should be taken with caution, and the importance of embracing the role of the pursued rather than always being the pursuer. This section intricately explains the balance of masculine and feminine energy, which is foundational to creating and maintaining attraction.

Diving into ‘The Art of Understanding’, Wayne emphasizes the gravity of not taking dating too seriously and how to genuinely compliment women to create a strong emotional response. He symbolizes women and men to cats and dogs, respectively, explaining the inherent behavioral patterns of both in a dating context, fundamentally different yet beautifully complementary.

The narrative continues to evolve as “How To Be A 3% Man” addresses self-improvement in ‘It’s Not All About You’. Here, readers are encouraged to craft a list of qualities they seek in a woman and reflect upon becoming the counterpart to attract such a partner. This section does not just give dating tips; it insists on personal growth, dealing with insecurities, and creating change that lasts.

Aspiring PUAs are given practical and strategic guidance in ‘Making Your Move’. This includes how to approach women, interpret rejection, and utilize internet dating effectively. It’s a treasure trove of dating advice, brimming with techniques on how to rightly time and execute one’s advances in this complex dance of attraction.

Moving into ‘The First Step’, the author provides intricate details about creating a successful first date, including tips to pass ‘the kiss test’. ‘Keep It Steady!’ follows, unraveling methods to maintain the intrigue and pursue a relationship correctly, without coming off as desperate or needy.

‘Solving the Mystery’ is a chapter dedicated to the nuances of effective communication and understanding the language of women — critical for any PUA. As Wayne draws us closer to more profound connection stages in ‘Taking it to the Next Level’, the content delves into intimacy and commitment.

‘Keeping It All Together’, the final chapter, provides timeless advice for sustaining a relationship’s magic. This section underscores the importance of polarity in maintaining desire and becoming comfortable in one’s own skin.

Skill Set:

  • Meeting Women
  • Attracting Women

Experience Level:

  • Beginner

Learning Format:

  • Book

Coach or Expert who created the program:

  • Corey Wayne

Release Date of the product:

  • July 01, 2011

.“How To Be A 3% Man” is a beacon of knowledge for any beginner in the PUA community, packed with robust strategies and dating tips tailored for those embarking on the journey of understanding attraction and fostering meaningful connections. Corey Wayne has compiled a program within the pages that is comprehensive, deeply insightful, and undeniably practical, set to guide anyone through the ebbs and flows of dating towards becoming a man who naturally attracts women.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:


In the Beginning

  • Introduction
  • Why This Book Was Written
  • My Story
  • Why You Need to Read This Book More than Once

The Way Things Are

  • My Evolution of Understanding
  • Why Not to Get Advice from Women about Women
  • Why Women Want to Chase You
  • Why Not to Get Dating Advice from Friends
  • How Many Healthy Relationships Do You See Out There?
  • Perceptions of Control
  • Masculine and Feminine Energy

The Art of Understanding

  • Looking for Love
  • Don’t Be So Serious
  • Compliements: From the Beginning
  • What Women Emotionally Respond To
  • Women Fall in Love a Lot Slower Than Men
  • Women Are Like Cats, Men Are Like Dogs
  • Knocking out the Competition

It’s Not All About You

  • Making Your Ideal Woman’s List of Qualities
  • Becoming the Person You Want to Attract
  • Where Do You Meet Women?
  • Meeting Women on the Internet
  • Dealing with Insecurity
  • Control Freaks and Abusive Men
  • The Need for Certainty
  • Staying on Track
  • The Purpose of All Relationships
  • Making Lasting Change

Making Your Move

  • Approaching the Beautiful Woman
  • The Path to Success
  • The Many Shades of ‘No’
  • Again – It’s Not All About You
  • Handling the Pressure Points
  • Timing is Everything
  • The Test of Time
  • Approaching a Woman Through Internet Dating
  • It’s All in the Numbers

The First Step

  • Your First Date
  • Do’s and Don’ts of the First Date
  • The Secret of Dating
  • The Kiss Test
  • The Right Approach

Keep It Steady!

  • Continue the Mystery
  • The Pursuit
  • Moving into Relationships
  • Testing During the First 60 Days
  • The Big Bounce
  • The ‘L’ Word

Solving the Mystery

  • Pay Attention!
  • The Art of Communication
  • The Art of Knowing
  • Weathering the Storm
  • Women Don’t Lie – Men Don’t Listen
  • The Secret Language of Women

.Taking it to the Next Level

  • Sharing of Yourself
  • The Gift
  • It Feels Like Making Love
  • The Final Commitment

Keeping It All Together

  • The Care and Feeding of Women
  • Keeping the Magic Alive
  • Polarity is the Key to Maintaining Desire
  • You Become Comfortable Being Yourself
  • The Many Faces of Endings
  • The Ten Disciplines of Love