How to Attract Strippers

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Embarking on the journey to understand and attract women from the exotic dancing industry requires not only charisma and confidence but a sophisticated level of respect and comprehension of their unique lifestyle. “How to Attract Strippers,” an eBook program designed by Bruce Min of Asian Magnet 101, offers a potent concoction of dating tips specifically tailored to this intriguing subset of talented and often misunderstood women. Men who delve into this intensive program will unlock the secrets behind the stripper magnet mindset – a critical foundational concept to successfully captivate the attention and affection of these alluring women.

The course is more than just a set of routines; it nurtures the PUA’s understanding of having the right mindset. Stripper-specific attraction is a nuanced art, and Bruce Min’s guide lays out a structured format for overcoming approach anxiety, an ailment that plagues many in the dating sphere. As gentlemen explore the pages of this comprehensive eBook, they will learn not only how to gracefully approach strippers in a bar but how to do so with an aura of unspoken confidence and allure that commands their interest.

Walking in an alpha male’s shoes doesn’t come naturally to everyone; however, “How to Attract Strippers” offers robust dating advice on emulating these indispensable traits. By adopting alpha male qualities, men are primed to elicit a magnetic attraction from strippers, drawing them in with an irresistible blend of strength, leadership, and subtle vulnerability. The program does not stop at attraction alone; it equips individuals with the tools to have strippers become receptive, nurturing a connection that transcends superficial interaction.

Bruce Min’s technique includes using jealousy in measured doses – not as a manipulative ploy but rather as a social dynamic lever to improve one’s standing in the complex social milieu of a strip club. This method, coupled with the understanding of ‘detatched zones’, revolutionizes the way men interact with strippers, allowing them to forge meaningful, electric connections, making the experience mutually gratifying.

The “How to Attract Strippers” program outlines what to avoid when interacting with strippers, steering clear of common pitfalls that can derail the courtship process. It also covers the best settings to try and pick up strippers, ensuring men operate within environments that maximize their chances of attraction success. With this guidance, PUAs can navigate the terrain confidently, armed with the knowledge to make each move count.

For those men who are ready to revolutionize their dating lives, the Basic Package of the program, offering the core eBook, is available for $97. This investment introduces readers to the foundational concepts necessary for success in this unique arena of attraction. Meanwhile, the Gold Package, priced at $127, amplifies this knowledge. It not only includes the “How to Attract Strippers” eBook but also supplements the learning experience with an audio version for on-the-go instruction, an exclusive newsletter filled with additional tips and strategies, and 12-month upgrades to ensure content remains fresh and relevant.

Bruce Min’s program is a nexus of cultural understanding, personal growth, and seduction technique that marks a turning point in the availability of specialized PUA literature. Through “How to Attract Strippers”, men worldwide are empowered to approach, connect with, and attract women whose profession has historically been misjudged and misinterpreted.

Skill Set: Attracting Women
Experience Level: Beginner
Learning Format: eBook
Coach or Expert: Bruce Min
Release Date: July 28, 2008
Company: Asian Magnet 101

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

– What the stripper magnet mindset is
– Overcome your approach anxiety
– How to approach strippers in a bar
– How to use jealousy
– How to have alpha male qualities
– How to attract strippers
– Have strippers become receptive
– How to connect with strippers
– What should be avoided
– Settings to try and pick up strippers
– How to use the ‘detacted zones’

What You Get:

Basic Package (cost $97):
– How to Attract Strippers eBook
Gold Package (cost $127):
– How to Attract Strippers eBook
– Bonus #1: How to Attract Strippers Audio
– Bonus #2: Exclusive Newsletter
– Bonus #4: 12-Month Upgrades