Guide Du Phone Game Et De La Drague Par SMS

Product Information

“Guide Du Phone Game Et De La Drague Par SMS” is a comprehensive guide tailored for the modern man who aims to enhance his phone game and excel at texting as a means to attract and seduce women. Written in French, this eBook is packed with detailed instructions for men who wish to leverage the power of their mobile phones to not only capture the interest of women but also maintain it and escalate conversations in a romantic direction.

This guide uncovers the intricacies of what makes texting an art form, delving deep into the psychological nuances that make or break communication with potential dates. Instead of offering generic advice, it presents specific strategies that address the needs of men within the Pickup Artist (PUA) community as they navigate the domain of dating and seduction through text.

The first chapter

begins with the critical action of getting a woman’s number. Understanding the dynamics behind this interaction sets the stage for future communication; it’s not just about obtaining digits but about creating a foundation for attraction. As PUAs know, a number is much more than a series of digits – it’s a gateway to opportunity.

Brad P., a renowned figure within the Pickup Artist community, acknowledges the importance of phone game in his dating tips and workshops. Similarly, this guide emphasizes the necessity of distinguishing between getting a phone number versus an address, identifying potential flakes, and executing immediate follow-ups through calls or texts that reflect high-value and indicate future potential.

The second chapter

smoothly transitions from the acquisition of the number to the art of the first contact. First impressions last, hence this section helps mitigate the anxieties related to timing and approach. The guide enlightens readers on creating an aligned state of mind and cultivates realistic expectations. The advice in this chapter is validated by the insights of women, ensuring that the strategies are attuned to what genuinely resonates with the opposite sex.

Moving forward, readers are presented with the two pillars of texting – humor and mystery. Both elements are crucial, according to PUA philosophy. Humor establishes connection and attraction, while mystery keeps the woman engaged and intrigued. This chapter is a treasure trove for those struggling to bring out these elements in their conversations.

Improving one’s texting game is akin to perfecting one’s tennis serve; it requires control, timing, and strategy. The guide’s fourth chapter hones in on these aspects, equipping readers with the skills to set the pace of conversation, vary their messaging styles, and avoid common pitfalls that lead to overplayed or underwhelming exchanges.

Every PUA understands that their device is an extension of themselves, and

chapter five

of the guide addresses just that. It covers the importance of having a clean, functional phone and recommends apps that can aid in seduction. This insight underlines that success in texting is not just about dialogue but also about presentation and resourcefulness.

For those willing to explore more daring territories,

chapter six

discusses the darker nuances of the phone game. Topics like sexting, managing explicit content, and ensuring discretion are covered comprehensively, focusing not just on attraction but on the ethical and practical aspects of engaging in more adult themes through text.

Case studies intersperse real-life examples throughout the guide, providing readers with a clearer picture of how to apply the given advice. These scenarios act as templates for understanding the dynamics of interaction and the subsequent steps to take after a woman’s number has been secured.

To those within the PUA community who are eagerly seeking tools and practical advice, this guide is a robust resource. It enriches the reader’s skill set in meeting women through text, making it most suitable for Beginners. “Guide Du Phone Game Et De La Drague Par SMS” comes in an eBook learning format, making it easily accessible. It was crafted thoughtfully by Selim (Mr. Jacques), a coach or expert from Seduction Online, and released on March 12, 2011. This publication is not just a manual; it’s a backdrop for men to understand that the nuances of communicating with women go far beyond face-to-face interactions, placing a firm grasp on the importance of virtual courtship.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Chapter 1: The Meeting To Take Issue
– Why It Is Necessary To Take Her Number
– Address Or Phone Number
– What Does Really Take A Number
– How To Identify A Risk Of Flake
– The Notice Of Girls
– How To Expose A False Number
– The Immediate Appeal
– The Immediate Text Message
– The Repetition Number
– How And When To Take Her Number
– Techniques And Phrases To Make Her Number
– When To Take Their Phone Number
– Specific Rules By Location: Where To Take Her Phone Number

Chapter 2: The First Contact By Telephone

– State Of Mind And Realistic Expectations
– When To Use The Number For The First Time
– Here, Immediately, Immediately!
– When You Get Home
– The Day After
– The Notice Of Girls
– Text Message Or Call
– How To Handle The First Call
– Management Of Answering: What If You Fall On Her Answering Machine
Leave It On Her Hunger
– Prepare Your Email

Chapter 3: The Two Pillars Of Drag By SMS

– A Private Joke And Humor Glance
– The Mystery

Chapter 4: How To Improve Your Text Messages

– Tennis And Texting: The Control Of The Exchange
– Response Time: The Rise To Net Or Set The Baseline
– Message Length: Variation Of Your Game
– Proper Use Of Role Play
– The Name Is Good For Seduction
– The Positive Dynamic And Framework
– The Test, The Challenge
– The Qualifying
Perform The Opening!
Errors To Avoid
– The SMS Language
– The Very Informative / Logic
– The Instant Answers
– Vs. The Burst. The Wait
– The Timing Error: The Night
– The Éthylotext
– The Lack Of Clarity, Or ‘Punctuation Mystery ‘


Chapter 5: My Phone Is My Ally

– My Phone Is Beautiful, Clean And Functional
– My Phone Has Apps Lover
– My Phone Has Apps To Be Friendly And Make Friends.

Chapter 6: Advanced. The Dark Side Of The Phone Game

– Sexualization Of Textos / Sexting
– The Sex Tapes And Hot Pictures
– The Plan Ass
– The Text Message Sent To The Wrong Person
– The Consolidated Shipment
– Discretion
– Get Rid Of A Girl With Her Phone

Case Studies

– The Background
– How Do I Take The Number
– Jokes Build By Texting
– The Phone Booth

What You Get: