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The ForeverMan Method, expertly crafted by David Van Arrick, stands as an innovative force within the realm of masculine sexuality and sexual skill enhancement. This comprehensive home study course presents a well-defined objective: confronting the stigmatized issue of premature ejaculation. The wisdom encapsulated in this program doesn’t merely stem from theoretical knowledge, but is also a testament to Van Arrick’s personal victory over premature ejaculation, further enriched by his extensive 20-year experience in assisting men with similar struggles.

Embarking on this journey with The ForeverMan Method is essentially a pledge to transform your sexual capabilities and understanding. This program is meticulously structured into a 9-volume audio series encompassing various facets of sexual expertise. As a participant, you are guided through the depths of myths and misconceptions about sexual performance, enlightened on the evolution of premature ejaculation, and provided with practical quick fixes that serve as a stepping stone to peak sexual performance.

The course’s content is deeply immersive, incorporating advanced techniques such as sexual mind training. This innovative approach intertwines psychology with physical training, ensuring a holistic augmentation of your sexual control and prowess. By delving into the nuances of peak performance mind training, the program creates a bedrock of mental acuity upon which you can construct unshakable sexual confidence and competence.

Moreover, The ForeverMan Method addresses a spectrum of common inquiries and concerns, tackling subjects such as erection sustainability, sensitivity management, and intricate mental strategies for optimal sexual endurance. The program is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering solutions about the use of alcohol to control ejaculation, ideal sexual positions for prolonging the experience, and methods for heightening orgasm intensity while ensuring that your partner’s satisfaction takes precedence.

As you progress through the course material, you’ll come to appreciate the influential power of your unconscious mind and how to harness it for an invincible sexual performance. Furthermore, the program dispels myths surrounding masturbation and premature ejaculation, provides dietary advice to bolster sexual stamina, and recommends pre-intercourse exercises to enhance the quality of your sexual encounters.

Integral to The ForeverMan Method are the nine companion workbooks that accompany the audio volumes. These workbooks delve deeper into the transformative techniques discussed in the program. They feature the “Super Simple SAS and CRESTING DRILLS” for extending lovemaking, the remarkable “EarthMover” technique for transcendent sexual pleasure, and the secrets to maintaining control at your most vulnerable moments.

What is supremely beneficial about this program is its emphasis on practical execution. The exercises and techniques provided can be practiced individually or with a partner, ensuring adaptability and progression at your own pace. These methods are meticulously designed to be intertwined with the act of intercourse rather than being relegated to mere preparation.

This multifaceted program does not rest at the doorstep of physicality; it extends its reach to mental fortitude by conclusively ending performance anxiety. The ForeverMan Method also positions itself as a beacon of wisdom in the landscape of sexual nutrition, highlighting the dire significance of a natural sexual diet’s impact on bedroom performance.

Upon procurement of The ForeverMan Method, an extensive array of resources becomes available to you. Included in the package are nine CD-quality audio volumes, nine detailed companion workbooks, and a generous offering of bonuses. These bonuses range from lifetime upgrades of the method to educational material on female sexuality, the art of threesomes, tantric massage, and the science of sexual nutrition. Clients also receive a collection of the top lovemaking techniques and an exclusive seminar on forbidden secrets of sexual mastery.

This carefully constructed program caters to individuals at the beginner experience level who are committed to evolving their sexual skills. The learning format exquisitely combines eBooks, audio, and video downloads for a diverse educational experience. David Van Arrick, a seasoned expert in advanced sexual skills and techniques, is the mastermind behind this transformative method, which made its debut on January 1, 2004. Whether you are seeking to refine your sexual capabilities or are determined to overcome obstacles like premature ejaculation, The ForeverMan Method ushers you into a realm where control, pleasure, and sexual mastery coalesce for an enriched and fulfilling sexual journey.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

The ForeverMan Method is a training program for the mind and body designed to increase your control of physical and mental sexual abilities. The 9-volume audio program covers these topics:

– ForeverMan Vol. #1 – Myths and Misconceptions A
– ForeverMan Vol. #2 – Myths and Misconceptions B
– ForeverMan Vol. #3 – The Evolution of Premature Ejaculation
– ForeverMan Vol. #4 – Quick Fixes For P.E.
– ForeverMan Vol. #5 – P.E. to Peak Sexual Performance
– ForeverMan Vol. #6 – Intro To Sexual Mind Training
– ForeverMan Vol. #7 – Mind Training For Peak Performance #1
– ForeverMan Vol. #8 – Mind Training For Peak Performance #2
– ForeverMan Vol. #9 – Supplementary Bonus Exercises
The course material answers questions such as:

– How do I maintain my erection for longer periods with only moderate stimulation
– How do I increase the sensitivity of my penis but slow the release time
– How to Wire Your Unconscious Mind For Peak Sexual Performance
– Will keeping your thoughts on something other than the girl your having sex with prolong your chances of ejaculation?
– Should You Use Alcohol To Control Your Premature Ejaculation?
– What Sexual Positions Are Best For Prolonging Ejaculation and Slowing Down Orgasm?
– How to prolong ejaculation without reducing your own sexual pleasure
– How to Make Sure Your Woman Orgasms Before You Do
– How To Know when you are close to orgasm and where is the point of no return
– Special Exercises to Do that Improve Your Erection and Staying Power
– How To Have Stronger Orgasms
– What is considered “premature” ejaculation… the answer may surprise you!
– What Kind of Foods and Supplements can you take to improve your sexual stamina
– How can you improve ejaculatory control
– What foods can be eaten before sex that can improve a man’s sexual performance
– What exercises can be done prior to sexual intercourse that can improve the quality of sex
– How To Maintain a Strong Erection
– Is it dangerous to have an erection for too long?
– Does masturbation contribute to premature ejaculation? (the answer might surprise you)
– Can a bad diet inhibit sexual performance
– Why does P.E Occur and How Can You Stop It From Ruining Your Sex Life Ever AGAIN

In addition to the audio series, there are also 9 companion workbooks with commentary and additional information on:


– How to Increase the Duration of Your Love Making 2-3 Times by Using the Super Simple SAS and CRESTING DRILLS
– How To Double Your Ejaculation Time Instantly with the one simple technique everyone wishes they knew
– Make Sex Incredible for You and Her By Using the “EarthMover” Technique
– How to Keep Control Even When You Are On the Brink of Exploding
– How to End Performance Anxiety Once and For All
– Techniques and Exercises That Can Be Practiced Alone or With Your Lover
– To Increase your erection strength and duration – get and maintain a ROCK hard, steel pipe erection every time using our advanced “Bonus Exercises”
– Gain TOTAL control over exactly WHEN you ejaculate.
– Techniques that are designed for use during intercourse and not just prior to it.
– Instantly stop ejaculation at any point you feel you have gone too far enabling you to continue on and on and on.
– Discover the best sex positions for extended love-making – maximum duration and pleasure
– Learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation so you can keep going again and again.
– Solve the mental as well as physical problems associated with premature ejaculation
– Learn and understand the sexual benefits of natural sexual nutrition and how it can help you in the bedroom

What You Get:

The ForeverMan course includes:

– 9 Complete CD Quality Audio Volumes
– 9 Complete Companion Workbooks
– Bonus #1: Free lifetime upgrades for the ForeverMan Method
– Bonus #2: Free book “Understanding The G-spot and Female Sexuality”
– Bonus #3: Free special report “How To Get Into Threesomes”
– Bonus #4: Free special report “Secrets of Tantric Massage”
– Bonus #5: Free book “The Top 100 Lovemaking Techniques of All Time”
– Bonus #6: Free audio course “Sexual RocketFuel: The Science of Sexual Nutrition!”
– Bonus #7: Free exclusive copy of teleseminar “MasterClass Forbidden Secrets Of Sexual Mastery”