Elite Dating Skills 2: The Ultimate Guide To Teasing

Discover Revolutionary Techniques in Attraction

The second series of Greg Dean’s acclaimed Elite Dating Skills goes beyond the basics of courtship and plunges into the nuanced dance of social dynamics with women. The hallmark of this series is its focus on real-world application, a critical aspect for any aspirant in the pickup artist community seeking to refine their craft. Through expertly produced audio content, this program offers an advanced exploration of techniques designed to elevate your interactions to new heights.

Navigate Challenging Interactions with Mastery

One of the cornerstone teachings of this audiobook is mastering the art of handling women who bring a challenging energy into interactions. Whether she presents an aloof demeanor or outright rudeness, this program provides you with strategies to not only maintain your composure but also to spin these situations to your advantage. This is a skill that is highly regarded within PUA forums and discussion groups, as it signifies a level of social mastery sought by many but achieved by few.

Express Interest with Confidence and Intrigue

An additional layer to this series is the emphasis on conveying interest in a way that is both subtle and magnetic. Greg Dean delves into the subtleties of communication, ensuring that your intent is expressed with a mix of confidence and intrigue. This balances on the fine line of the push-pull dynamic, vital to creating and sustaining attraction, while offering practical tips that can be used right away in numerous social settings.

Maintain a Passionate Long-Term Relationship

For those involved in long-term relationships, the series does not fall short. It actively addresses the question of how to keep the romance and sexual tension alive over time. The audiobook covers innovative ways to consistently inject novelty and excitement into your relationship, ensuring that the connection stays passionate and fulfilling. The dating community often overlooks the maintenance of long-term relationships, and Greg Dean ensures that this critical aspect is explored with depth and insight.

Cultivate a Deep Appreciation for Women

Understanding the ethos of loving women is another profound topic Greg Dean dives into. His approach underscores respect and genuine affection, dissolving the often-misconstrued notion that PUAs lack emotional depth. By incorporating ways to deeply appreciate and celebrate the women you interact with, this audiobook provides content that encourages a healthy and enriching rapport.

Make Her Invest for a Stronger Bond

The program also teaches the fine art of how to make her work for more of your attention. This aligns with the principle of investment, where the more someone invests in you, the more they value the connection. Greg Dean sheds light on how to create situations where she is compelled to contribute effort, thereby forging a stronger bond and heightened interest on her part.

Master the Art of Teasing

The art of teasing, a timeless tactic in the world of attraction, is given a fresh and modern treatment in this series. Teasing is a playful communication style that, when executed correctly, can greatly amplify attraction. The series provides detailed guidelines on effective teasing, allowing you to inject humor and wit into your interactions in a way that women find incredibly alluring.

As you immerse yourself in the various scenarios and techniques presented, the audiobook format provides the added benefit of being able to absorb the content in a flexible and convenient manner. You can listen while commuting, during your workout, or in the comfort of your home, making it an accessible and effective learning tool.

Understanding that learning is a process, Greg Dean ensures that the concepts are broken down into digestible segments, catering to those who may be new to the field of social dynamics as well as to those who are looking to fine-tune their expertise.

Evolve Your Dating Skills

This series stands as a testament to the evolution of dating advice, positioning itself as a critical resource for anyone serious about mastering their dating life. It recognises and addresses the complexity involved in modern relationships, providing insights that resonate with a diverse range of experiences.

The audio format allows for repeated listening, which is crucial for embedding these nuanced concepts into your social repertoire. Every listening session offers the chance to catch nuances you may have missed before, reinforcing the learning process.

With this program, you gain more than just techniques; you gain a philosophy and mindset that supports your growth as a sophisticated social artist.

In conclusion, Elite Dating Skills 2 by Greg Dean is tailored for those looking to enhance their Attracting Women skill set. This program is particularly suited for beginners who are eager to learn and apply dating tips and advice in practical scenarios. Presented in an easy-to-follow audio format for convenient learning, the program features the expertise of seasoned coach and author Greg Dean. Released on December 10, 2010, the product harnesses the potential of audio learning to impart valuable knowledge for anyone looking to advance in the realm of personal relationships.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:


  • Learn how to handle women who are rude
  • Learn how to convey your interest
  • Keep your long-term relationship spicy
  • How to love women
  • How to make her work for more of your attention and love you back

What You Get: