Don’t Bang Denmark

“Don’t Bang Denmark”: A Sardonically Titled Guidebook

“Don’t Bang Denmark” is a provocative and sardonically titled guidebook aimed directly at men from the pickup artist community who are considering, or have considered, the dating scene in Denmark. This is far more than just a casual travel guide—it’s a deep dive into the complex dating culture specific to Danish women, filled with controversial opinions and cheeky advice. The author, Roosh V, a well-known PUA figure, leverages his characteristic blend of humor and in-field experience to tackle the challenges that men face when attempting to connect romantically in Denmark.

Understanding Danish Women: The Cultural Backdrop

The book begins by dissecting the three types of Danish women that one might encounter, according to Roosh V’s categorization. This section is crucial for understanding the cultural backdrop against which your interaction will play out. Each type is described with illustrative details, enabling readers to quickly identify which type they’re dealing with and adjust their approach accordingly. Understanding this is vital for any PUA hoping to navigate the Danish social landscape effectively.

The Vexation of Danish Women: An Emotional Climate Preparedness

The discussion then moves to the often perplexing vexation of Danish women, which can be a major stumbling block for many men. Here, the author explores the origins and nature of this anger, underpinning his musings with personal anecdotes and observations. This is intended not to dissuade, but rather to prepare the reader for the emotional climate they might encounter.

Candid Exploration: Why It’s Hard to Get Along with a Danish Woman

“Why it is hard to get along with a Danish woman” is a candid exploration of the unique challenges posed by Danish society’s dating norms. Roosh V does not sugarcoat his experiences or the less-than-ideal outcomes he often faced, which serves as a reality check for those who think that their usual methods will be universally effective.

Controversial Solutions: The “Two Hater Routines”

The book does not stop at just describing problems; it offers controversial solutions as well, such as the “two hater routines” designed to metaphorically blow up a Danish woman’s night. This aggressive tactic may seem extreme to some, but in the PUA world, it is examples like these that are often discussed and dissected for their effectiveness.

The Importance of Appearance: Dressing as Sharply as You Can

The importance of appearance cannot be overstated in this guide. The author stresses “dressing as sharply as you can” as an essential factor for a positive impression. In “Don’t Bang Denmark,” there’s a recognition that while superficial, appearance can heavily influence initial perceptions and early stages of interaction.

Inside Danish Culture: A Mix of Short Stories

Roosh V does not limit his insights to interpersonal dynamics but also provides an array of short stories that give readers a taste of Danish culture—a context that is essential for understanding the environment where you’re applying your dating techniques.

Adapting PUA Skills for the Danish Scene

For those who have found their usual strategies ineffective with Danish women, “Don’t Bang Denmark” dedicates an entire section to this conundrum. It encourages readers to adapt their existing PUA skills to better fit the local scene, providing a mix of introspection and practical advice to refine the reader’s game.

Cost-Saving Tips for One of Europe’s Most Expensive Countries

Cost-saving tips are generously included to help navigate one of Europe’s most expensive countries. Roosh V understands that budgeting for lodging and day-to-day expenses is part and parcel of the longer-term dating strategy.

Detailed Night Game Strategy: Approaches and Closes

At its core, the book provides a detailed night game strategy with specific lines, moves, and logistical maneuvers tailored to Danish nightlife. The approach outlined is comprehensive, covering everything from the initial approach to closing.

Roosh V doesn’t shy away from harsh critiques, opining on the “horrible appearance and personality of the average Danish woman.” Such contentious statements are bound to spark discussion, but they are delivered as part of Roosh V’s personal experiences and views.

For the quantitative-minded PUA, there’s even an analysis of how many approaches one might expect to make before reaching the ultimate goal of sex. This reflects the trial-and-error reality of dating and serves to level set expectations.

Lastly, the guide offers a city guide focused on Copenhagen. This covers neighborhoods, lodging options, activities, and bars—a goldmine for any PUA planning a trip. This section turns the guide into a one-stop shop for both dating advice and travel logistics in Denmark.

The product is available in two formats: a paperback version priced at $12.97 and an eBook version for $9.00, allowing for ease of access depending on preference.

Product Information

Skill Set:

  • Meeting Women
  • Attracting Women

.Experience Level:

  • Beginner

Learning Format:

  • eBook
  • Paperback

Coach or Expert:

  • Roosh V

Release Date:

  • February 01, 2011

“Don’t Bang Denmark” stands as a testament to the complexities of international dating cultures, a must-read for any PUA looking to broaden their experiences beyond their home turf. While it’s framed in a polarizing light, it’s an honest account of one man’s struggles with and advice for
thriving within the Danish dating scene.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

  • The three types of Danish women
  • Understand the anger of Danish women
  • Why it is hard to get along with a Danish woman
  • Two hater routines to destroy a Danish woman’s night
  • The importance of dressing as sharply as you can
  • Short stories that offer information on Danish culture
  • The reason why your game is ineffective with Danish women
  • How to save on accommodations in one of the most expensive countries in Europe
  • The optimal night game strategy that includes lines, moves, and logistical moves
  • Understanding the horrible appearance and personality of the average Danish woman
  • How many times you have to approach a Danish woman before you can have sex with her
  • City guide on Copenhagen, including neighborhoods, lodging options, activities, and bars to meet women

What You Get:


  • Paperback version for $12.97
  • eBook version for $9.00