Being God’s Man by Understanding a Woman’s Heart

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For men seeking holistic self-improvement in their relationships, particularly those who wish to harmonize their spiritual beliefs with their romantic pursuits, this book provides an unparalleled guide. As a beacon in the pickup artist (PUA) community, the book echoes the sentiment of developing oneself for the benefit of establishing and nurturing a successful relationship, going beyond superficial tactics often associated with dating tips and dating advice.

Starting with a strong foundation, the book emphasizes the importance of aligning personal purposes with divine intent. Recognizing that relationships thrive not just on human connection but also on spiritual synergy, the text guides its readers towards a more profound union by first encouraging a connection with the divine. This puts a unique and refreshing perspective on relationship dynamics, differentiating it from typical PUA literature.

The book artfully integrates questions designed to spur genuine reflection and to form godly convictions, transforming the reader from within. By focusing on self-awareness and personal growth, it equips men with internal tools that benefit not only their romantic endeavors but also all aspects of life. These reflective questions serve to ground readers, urging them to look within and align their actions with their most deeply held values.

Incorporating “Real Life” case studies, the content becomes relatable and practical. The success stories shared within its pages are not just inspiring but also instructive, providing readers with tangible reference points. They illustrate how the principles discussed have positively influenced other men’s lives and relationships, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

To further facilitate introspection and development, the book includes practical studies. These are created to forge personal encounters with God and foster meaningful connections with other men, encouraging a community-based approach to personal growth. This approach acknowledges the importance of fellowship and shared journeying in the PUA community, providing a supportive environment for transformation.

Recognizing that real change involves not just contemplation but action, the book offers readers the chance to formulate and verbalize their own action steps with God and fellow seekers. This accountability aspect is crucial in ensuring that insights gained translate into tangible behavioral shifts, a tenet widely acknowledged within the relationship advice sphere.

Addressing various facets of human need and desire, from the pursuit of sincerity and trust to craving encouragement and developing friendships, the book paints a comprehensive picture of what men aspire to provide and receive within a relationship. Each topic, such as Trust, Acceptance, Connection, and Encouragement, among others, is delved into with depth and sensitivity.

The materials and topics covered are supplemented by a set of practical resources tailored for small-group use, reflecting an acknowledgment that personal growth can be powerfully amplified through collective effort. These resources support leaders and participants in organizing and sustaining fruitful small-group experiences, aligning with the PUA community’s appreciation for peer interaction and mentorship.

Despite touching upon traditional spiritual leadership roles such as Headship, the narrative is refreshingly modern, inviting men to embrace emotional openness—illustrated through desires for Compassion—and to value equitable, emotionally fulfilling partnerships. This balanced view counters the often one-dimensional characterizations found in some PUA material, offering a more holistic vision of masculinity.

The book is not only a resource but an invitation to an experience—a journey towards a spiritually rooted, emotionally satisfying, and fundamentally successful approach to relationships. By blending divine principles with human connections, it paves a new way for PUAs and self-improvers who seek a love anchored in faith.

Offered in digital and physical formats, the book extends its reach to various audiences, accommodating those who prefer the traditional touch of paper or the convenience of digital access. Whether on Kindle or in paperback, the accessibility of these formats ensures that the wisdom within can permeate many lives.

In its final pages, the book consolidates the learned principles with an emphasis on real-world application by setting a clear trajectory for men to apply these insights. But it’s not merely about personal benefit; the book calls upon its readers to become agents of positive change in their relationships and communities, aligning with the transformative goals often sought within the PUA realm.

This enriching guide was painstakingly crafted by Kenny Luck, Stephen Arterburn, and Todd Wendorff, who bring to the table a wealth of experience in both spiritual guidance and relationship coaching. Released on November 16, 2004, it addresses the skill set of Relationship Skills and is designed for the beginner level enthusiast seeking a learning format that couples reflective study with actionable wisdom.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

– Welcome to the Every Man Bible Study Series
– How to Use This Study Guide
– Introduction: Can You Relate?
– Trust! I Want the Right Motive
– Acceptance: I Want to Be Loved with Christlike Love
– Connection: I Want You to Know Me Before You “Know” Me
– Headship: I Want Spiritual Leadership
– Encouragement: I Want to Feel Special to You
– Friendship: I Want “Us”
– Thoughtfulness: I Want to Be Remembered by You
– Compassion: I Want a Strong Man with a Soft Heart

Small-Group Resources

– Leader Tips
– Using This Study in a Large-Group Format
– Prayer Request Record
– Defining Group Roles
– Small-Group Roster
– Spiritual Checkup
– Small-Group Covenant

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– Kindle $6.71
– Paperback $7.99