Baby Boomer Men Looking For Love

Product Information

‘Baby Boomer Men Looking For Love’ is a specialized resource crafted for the unique needs and experiences of male baby boomers entering or re-entering the dating scene. This eBook tackles the complexities of finding love and fostering lasting relationships tailored particularly to those who have witnessed tremendous shifts in the dating paradigm throughout their lives.

The post-war generation holds a different view on relationships and love, often shaped by traditional values. However, this book serves as a bridge between those values and contemporary dating practices, giving the reader a well-rounded perspective on how to approach love in today’s world. It acknowledges the diverse circumstances such as being divorced, widowed, or simply finding oneself suddenly single after many years, and addresses how these situations impact one’s desire for companionship and intimacy.

Intimacy, a critical element at the heart of successful relationships for baby boomer men, is explored with sensitivity and practicality. Understanding the fears and hesitations that come with creating new bonds after years of familiarity, or possibly painful break-ups, the guide provides strategies to navigate these emotional hurdles. It offers reassurance that it’s not just permissible but possible to seek and find deep connections even later in life.

The section on ‘Getting Down to Business’ broadens the conversation to include the realities of dating, from the initial attraction to the complexities of developing relationships. Here, PUAs – or Pick-Up Artists – and their tactics are examined, not to exploit but to understand dynamics that may be at play in the modern dating world. This section helps baby boomer men harness authentic self-presentation to attract genuine partners.

Conflict resolution is another topic that bears significant relevance, especially considering that personal histories for this demographic are rich with experiences that shape reactions and interactions in a new relationship. This part of the book offers insights on managing differences and disagreements in a manner that builds rather than erodes relationships.

The guide doesn’t stop at the emotional and interpersonal aspects but also delves into the practical—the nuances of dating etiquette that may have changed or evolved over the years. It aims to equip the reader with the necessary savoir-faire, whether it’s navigating first dates, online messaging, or understanding when and how to reach out after an initial meeting.

Addressing how and where to begin again is essential. This guide walks through various platforms and opportunities suitable for baby boomers looking to date, from traditional events to the increasingly popular online dating sites tailored to their age group. It debunks myths and eliminates fears associated with these platforms, showcasing them as valid avenues to meet potential partners.

The inclusion of ‘Details’ demonstrates the book’s attention to nuance in every aspect of dating. Even the seemingly small facets of dating are given the spotlight, acknowledging their importance in the intricate dance of courtship – from dressing to impress to the right conversation starters.

And finally, understanding that not every connection will result in a lifelong partnership, ‘Breaking Up’ addresses the difficult aspect of concluding a relationship with dignity and respect. This section ensures that even when things do not go as hoped, baby boomer men can navigate this path with emotional intelligence and grace.


Skill Set: Attracting Women

Experience Level: Beginner
Learning Format: eBook
Coach or Expert who created the program: Barbara Kennedy
Release Date of the product: November 01, 2009


Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

– Our Timeline
– Divorced, Windowed and/or Suddenly Alone
– Intimacy
– Fear
– Getting Down to Business
– Conflict
– Dating Etiquette
– How and Where to Begin Again
– Details
– Breaking Up