7 Intimacy Secrets

Product Information

Understanding and fostering intimacy in a partnership is paramount to sustaining a loving and enduring relationship. Otto and Susie Collins’ expertly crafted video program delves into this essential aspect of romantic connections, offering viewers an immersive guide into the mystique of their partner’s emotional universe. The program is an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to deepen the emotional bond with their partner and discover the profound levels of intimacy possible within their relationship.

Each segment of the program is meticulously designed to navigate the subtle nuances of love, closeness, and intimate communication. The foundational premise revolves around the pivotal role that understanding plays in nurturing a connection—acknowledging that true intimacy stems from a deep comprehension of one another’s desires, fears, and hopes. The Collins couple draws upon their extensive experience in the realm of Love and Relationship coaching to impart lessons that resonate with authenticity.

The “Creating Intimacy” Module

The “Creating Intimacy” module is particularly insightful, detailing the ‘master keys’ of communication essential to forging a bond steeped in trust and mutual respect. This segment empowers couples to strip away the barriers that inhibit open dialogue and replaces them with affirming methods of engagement designed to bring partners closer together. The program underscores the notion that connecting through conversation is an art that can transform the very fabric of a relationship.

Addressing Emotional Turbulence

Addressing emotional turbulence is another focal point of the video. Through their “Listening when you are angry, disconnected, hurt, or upset” section, participants learn the invaluable skill of maintaining presence and composure in the face of relational tumult. The Collins’ approach helps individuals to navigate the choppy waters of conflict, ensuring that the vessel of their relationship remains steadfast and secure, even when storms of misunderstanding or frustration arise.

Recognizing and Embracing Differences

Recognizing and embracing differences between partners is also a cornerstone of the program. The segments related to dealing with partner differences are crafted to show how these disparities need not be points of contention, but rather sources of richness and diversity within the relationship. This perspective-altering viewpoint fosters a climate of acceptance and cherishment, vital for the growth of intimacy.

Dispelling Intimacy Myths

Furthermore, the program dispels myths that may inadvertently stifle intimacy, such as “The unconscious lie most people tell.” By exposing these underlying false beliefs, couples are given the tools to build a more honest and transparent rapport. Expanding upon this theme, the “Stopping negative judgments” section equips viewers with strategies to replace criticism with kindness, catalyzing a more nurturing and supportive dynamic.

The addition of bonus items, including “Love Lessons eBook” and “7 Intimacy Secrets Audio,” further extend the learning experience beyond the visual medium, providing a multifaceted approach that addresses the diverse learning preferences of its audience. Coupled with practical resources like “Creating Relationship Magic eBook” and “7 Keys to Creating A Great Relationship,” learners gain access to comprehensive guidance that caters to a holistic development of relationship acumen.

Otto and Susie Collins’ dedication to helping individuals cultivate rewarding relationships is also evident through the inclusion of their newsletter, offering ongoing advice and insights that keep the principles learned through the program vibrant and at the forefront of users’ minds. Their emphasis on effective communication is further highlighted in “10 Communication Mistakes Most People Make In Their Relationships,” revealing common pitfalls that impede intimacy.

The video’s impact goes beyond symptomatic fixes; it aims to restore the fundamental connection by teaching partners how to let go of old patterns that may hinder their emotional closeness. This transformative journey through the program cultivates the climate necessary for partners to understand and fulfill the deepest needs of each other.

As the curriculum transitions into the realms of the “Intimacy Dance” and “Communicating to Connect,” learners acquire the rhythm of an intimacy choreography that’s enacted through compassionate interaction and reflective listening. The program brilliantly delineates the ebbs and flows of relating, equipping viewers with the ability to express and comprehend love in a manner that transcends the mundane, leading to a deeply satisfying and spiritually enriching companionship.

Summing up the product’s specifics: This video by Otto and Susie Collins is critical for developing Relationship Skills tailored for Beginners seeking growth. It’s presented in a DVD (Video) Learning Format, released on September 05, 2007, and is ideal for individuals aiming to evolve their capacity for intimacy, through the understanding of crucial communication dynamics and emotional nurturance in their partnerships.


Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

  • Creating intimacy in a relationship or marriage
  • Master keys of communicating to connect with the people you love
  • Love, closeness and intimacy
  • Listening when you are angry, disconnected, hurt or upset
  • Dealing with the differences between you and your partner
  • Unconscious lie most people tell
  • Expanding your love and intimacy
  • Stopping negative judgments
  • Getting back the connection
  • Letting go of old patterns
  • Identifying and stop using ‘blame’ phrases
  • Being understood in your relationships
  • ‘Intimacy dance’
  • Deepest needs are for you and your partner
  • ‘Communicating to connect’